The Horizon

Janie invokes the symbol of the horizon consistently throughout the novel; to Janie, the horizon symbolizes the realm of the feasible, that which she deserve to dream around. Throughout her arranged marriage with Logan Killicks…read evaluation of The Horizon

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The Pear Tree

Janie has her initially endure of sexual awakening under the blooming pear tree in spring, just before her first kiss through Johnny Taylor. Throughout the novel, the pear tree symbolizes for Janie the feeling…read analysis of The Pear Tree



Tea Cake invites Janie to play checkers as soon as they initially meet, making Janie feel equal in power to a man she is interested in for the first time in her life. The game of checkers…read analysis of Checkers



The picture of the mule emerges repeatedly in different conmessages throughout the novel, but continues to be constant in its figurative meaning as a symbol of victimization and also bondage. The image of the mule initially shows up when…read analysis of Mule


The Hurricane

The hurricane symbolizes the all-effective pressure of nature, which trumps even the the majority of intense exertions of power by humans, such as Jody"s abusive need for regulate, or Mrs. Turner"s feeling of racial hierarchy…check out evaluation of The Hurricane


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