TikTok has brought out some pretty sick filters, but when one blows up for a few days, you know it’s worth paying attention to and that’s exactly what the dynamic photo filter on TikTok has done. For those that don’t know what it does, it’s basically a filter which can make any photographed face blink, move their eyes around and even smile.

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People on TikTok are using the viral dynamic photo filter for all different kinds of reasons. Some of them are using it on photographed faces of those close to them who have died. Others are using it with less emotional purposes, like trying to get a face on a packet of Gold Leaf JPS to blink – peak British culture if you ask me.

You might be wondering about a few different things – do I need any other apps in order to use the dynamic photo filter? How do I make the faces blink? And how do I even find the dyanmic photo filter on TikTok? Here’s a step by step guide on how to use the viral TikTok dynamic face filter.

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How do I do the dynamic photo filter on TikTok?

• Open up your TikTok app

• Search for ‘Dynamic Photo’ and click on the filter under the header which says “effects”

• Click on “Try this effect” and then start filming your chosen photographed face! Enjoy!

It’s super easy to find and once you’ll notice it’s not that much harder to use either.

Here are some examples of what people are using the TikTok dynamic photo filter for:

mirandalloydartthe last one is my fave