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Question - (7 August 2010) 12 Answers - (Newest, 24 September 2017)A femaleage 41-50,anonymouswrites:

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I have a cshed man frifinish,we"ve agreed we have actually feelings for each other yet he isnt single and Im not all set to take things better in this case. We crossed the friendship boundary once however have actually gone back to friends. We are in consistent contact (weekly at least) If he isnt going to be about he tells me. The last few months hes not been the same and also blanked a message (somepoint hes never before done) after a pair of weeks of no call I sent out a message asking if he was OK. His reply said he he isnt talking to anyone, he doesnt require various other peoples difficulties and also has his own etc this ending have actually a great birthday ...take treatment

Clearly on he has actually somepoint going on which he doesnt desire to talk around and also desires to be left alone, however the only time a guy ever text "take care" to me was as soon as he dumped me so I see this in a negative way reasoning I am never going to see/hear from him aacquire. I understand I am over analysing this yet what perform men intend by finishing a message with with this expression....

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Someone help prior to I drive myself nuts!!

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Afemale reader, anonymous, writes (24 September 2017):

Top old article I recognize however its def goodbye

A malereader, Arivor  +, writes (20 September 2017):

Why not? Let"s simply overthink this "Take care" point.

1. I want you to take care of yourself, because I like you and want you to continue to be approximately to be with, talk or whatever.

2. I"m around to carry out something stupid like kill myself and will no longer be around to see if your ok.

3. You really only care about yourself do not you. Well, do what you do finest and take care. I tried, you didn"t and I"m done.

Let"s speak tright here.. Ya understand all you really must carry out is ask the perboy "What execute you mean by take care?" It"s impressive just how that simply functions.


A malereader, AlFlorida  +, writes (18 May 2017):

"Take care" to me is....the relationship has been nice yet i am no longer interemainder in preserve any type of type of contact, on any level. So it is good bye....a softer, even more polite method is "Take care"


A femalereader, angel kate 

 +, writes (2 January 2015):

I am in the very same. Situation as you right currently,my frifinish is married and also have 3 youngsters we have additionally gone ago to being friends,exactly how confmaking use of it does obtain for us sometimes, execute they still desire us or not ,the feeling these males provides is unclear sometimes,as soon as my friend say"s TAKE CARE he primarily suggests continue to be safe I as well thought shit was he trying to say goodbye to me, yet understand you have been friends for what 5 years now you intend a lot to him,as dthis minute he is having actually a guy minute choose we have actually our moments give him some time to figure himself out,he has actually much from letting you go ... hope this has assist you.


A reader, anonymous, writes (9 August 2010):


I"ve just read yr mail.

I agree via the last 2 guys. Typically it indicates "take Care of yr self..till we satisfy..." and not a Goodbye forever.

In this situation, I suspect that yr mate is trying to kind out some worries and also is saying Goodbye...(perhaps for good or till his existing realtionship ends)

Hope it helps.

BTW We MEN are simple creatures really...till we are perplexed by women!! ;)


Amale reader, anonymous, writes (9 August 2010):

When I say "Take Care" I mean it and desire the perboy to be mindful so that when we soptimal as soon as aobtain they are all best. In other words, as soon as I say the phrase I am interacting to them in a roundabout way that they are crucial to me and also that they have to be careful when being out and about.


A reader, anonymous, writes (7 August 2010):

This is proved as being by the original poster of the question

Hmm all extremely confutilizing, many thanks for the responses. I forgain to cite we have actually been friends for 5 plus yrs and also the boundary crossing wasnt recent. Normally he"s very direct and claims what he indicates also if he knows its not somepoint you"d want to hear.

Whoever before developed text has actually a lot to answer for and also agreed males are facility creatures!

Any additionally comments welcome


A malereader, mrvhappy  +, writes (7 August 2010):


WOW I am amazed at the diffrecences in between guys/girls on a simple message and exactly how it deserve to be misconstrewed!!!!

I authorize of my sms through "Take Care"...its not meant to mean GOOD BYE forever..simply take care of yrself till we meet/speak/email each other aget. (Kinda prefer a Byee for now)


A femalereader, AuntyEm  +, writes (7 August 2010):

I think in it"s context it was certainly a "goodbye, do not call me again"

Saying he has actually difficulties and does not require other people"s and additionally saying he isn"t talking to anyone is his means of letting you dvery own gently (nobody wants the guilt...right?) He is offering you the message that mostly he doesn"t desire to connect with anyone however really he does mean you. Saying "take care" is his parting shot at being nice so as to spare your feelings.

He may not necessarilly be having difficulties...maybe you are the problem!!...and also he desires you out of the equation. He knows you still have feelings for him, but if he has chose to love someone else, then you simply become an inconvienience....so he has to butt you out!

I know how shitty that appears...it"s painful and also depushing to need to go through, yet you must now cut him out of your life entirely. It"s pointmuch less trying to be a friend to someone who finds your visibility in their life "unnecessary"

Protect yourself, accept it for what it is and move on.


Afemale reader, anonymous, writes (7 August 2010):

Hi, you must be feeling picked up and dropped back dvery own after all this.

I know it is not nice, yet I think he really is trying to tell you nicely that you are simply friends and that"s just how it must continue to be.

He may regret going "over that boundary" You don"t sya how, yet if it was a kiss or also more physical and he wanted to take it better, he would certainly have been in continuous contact even if simply to save his alternatives open through you.

I think you need to take this as it comes across, you both crossed the line, he does not want to go tbelow aobtain, and he is trying to tell you in a nice means.

Try to day guys who are single, attached people usually just go there with others for the excitement or if going via a rough patch at home.

He plainly didn"t desire a lengthy term affair however does not desire to hurt your feelings.

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Oh, and also if his messages start gaining over friendly aacquire, be polite yet tell him you are not interested as he is not single. He will just be wanting to perform the exact same point all over aget, and also you already know how that hurts!


A reader, anonymous, writes (7 August 2010):

It depends on the circumstance. If it"s said at the end of a friendly, casual conversation, where I"m from, it"s simply a friendly "see you following time". However before, once used at the finish of a protective and shunning collection of words, it means "Goodbye, and I"m not planning on returning."


Amale reader, anonymous, writes (7 August 2010):

all counts who`s saying it. take care in my words are even more likely to be supplied as one more way of saying bye to somebody you dont have actually any type of desire to see aobtain. only he can tell you that. to say it under your situations i would certainly expect its unlikely you will certainly watch me aobtain,so look after yourself.he may suppose something else far different. males eh!! complex creatures.

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