Saturday Night Live star Taran Killam provides his City Center musical dehowever in New York this week in a revival of Little Shop of Horrors, anendure he describes as “an excellent, healthy and balanced mixture of confident to present civilization what I can do” and also “crazy, insecure, nervous to not make a fool of myself on that phase.”

Killam, that attfinished the L.A. County High School for the Arts and stupassed away for one year in the musical theater regimen at UCLA, portrays Orin Scrivello, a sadistic dentist and also abusive boyfriend of Audrey, a worker at a freduced shop; Seymour, her co-worker, privately loves her. In the City Center Encores! Off-Center rebirth, Ellen Greene, that was Audrey in the musical’s original 1982 production—itself based on a 1960 Roger Corguy comic horror film--and also in a 1986 film of the musical, recaps her function, while Jake Gyllenhaal is Seymour. Steve Martin was the dentist in the film.

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Although Killam commonly sings on Saturday Night Live, he sassist singing at City Center is different. On SNL, he sassist, “there’s nothing funny about singing sincedepend unmuch less it’s over the top. It’s difficult to compose a character that sings well. It’s much funnier if the character sings badly.”

“What is type of a direct correlation in between SNL and also the theater is that it’s live,” via “300 world in the studio before you at SNL,” and also a live audience (of over 2,200) at City Center, he added.

Killam said he all set for his Little Shop duty by listening to recordings of miscellaneous productions. “Learning the music was many vital to me. It’s not what I’m well-known for. It’s that thing where you type of need to massage out the muscle memory of those who have actually come prior to. . . You want to honor and there’s homage, however you have the right to also make it your own, as well,” he shelp.

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Killam attributed the decades-long appeal of Little Shop of Horrors to its being a “delicious stew of so many type of things. It’s camp, it’s silly, it’s sincere, it’s dramatic, it’s scary, it’s heartfelt.”

Taran Killam (left) and Jake Gyllenhaal (right) star this week in City Center Encores! Off-Center... <+> resurgence of the musical. "Little Shop of Horrors." (Joan Marcus)

“At the end of the day, it’s attributed to” Alan Mencken and also Howard Ashguy, creators of the musical theater variation ofLittle Shop of Horrors and also of the music and also lyrics of the Disney movies The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. A self-described Disneyphile, Killam dubbed them “masters, truly genisupplies,” and creators, through Little Shop of Horrors, of a musical collection in a “people of doo-wop, Motvery own, and also yet there are very distinctive numbers of many type of various formats. You gain a really good bang for your buck.”

He sassist the ‘blessing and also curse is that I love many various points. I’m recognized for comedy, I want to continue to be recognized for that. But I love musicals, I love dramatic fare.”

He portrayed a slave kidnapper in12 Years a Slave and is making a comedy film via J. K. Simmons and Emile Hirsch later on this summer.


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