(thanks plural & third person present) (thanking present participle) (thanked previous tense & past participle )

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1  convention You use give thanks to you or, in even more informal English, thanks to express your gratitude once someone does somepoint for you or gives you what you want., (formulae) Thank you very much for your speak to..., Thanks for the indevelopment..., Thanks a lot, Suzie. You"ve been great.  
2  convention You usage give thanks to you or, in more informal English, many thanks to politely accept or refusage somepoint that has simply been available to you., (formulae) `You"d favor a cup as well, would certainly you, Mr Secombe?"  
3  convention You usage say thanks to you or, in even more informal English, many thanks to politely acknowledge what someone has shelp to you, specifically when they have answered your question or said something nice to you., (formulae) The policeguy smiled at her. `Pretty dog."  
4  convention You usage thank you or give thanks to you incredibly much in order to say firmly that you carry out not want someone"s assist or to tell them that you do not prefer the way that they are behaving actually towards you., (emphasis) I have the right to stir my very own tea, say thanks to you..., We understand wright here we can gain it, say thanks to you exceptionally much.  
5  verb When you say thanks to someone for somepoint, you expush your gratitude to them for it. I thanked them for their long and also loyal service...  V n for n When the decision was check out out Mrs Gardner thanked the judges.  V n 
6  n-plural 
When you express your many thanks to someone, you expush your gratitude to them for somepoint. They embraced their certificates via words of many thanks.  
8 You say `Thank God", `Thank Goodness", or `Thank heavens" once you are exceptionally relieved around something. ♦give thanks to God  phrase oft PHR via cl, PHR that  (feelings) I was wrong, say thanks to God..., Thank heavens we have you right here.  
9 If you say that you have actually someone to thankfor something, you suppose that you are grateful to them bereason they led to it to take place. ♦have sb to thank  phrase V inflects, oft PHR for n I have actually her to thank for my life...  
10 If you say that something happens many thanks to a particular person or point, you suppose that they are responsible for it happening or caused it to occur. ♦many thanks to 
 phrase PHR n, usu PHR through cl, v-attach PHR, PHR after v It is thanks to this committee that many kind of brand-new sponsors have come forward...  
11 If you say that somepoint happens no thanks to a details perkid or point, you suppose that they did not aid it to take place, or that it happened in spite of them. ♦no thanks to 
 phrase PHR n, usu PHR via cl, v-attach PHR It is no thanks to the Government that net assets did rise.  

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