In email after email (including two this morning), I find people mistakenly capitalizing the cost-free cshed. The preeminence is to capitalize only the first word of the close. This preeminence uses wherever you use a free close: emails, letters, notes, and also even messages. These are all correct:

Best regards,

Best wishes,

Warm wishes,

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Kind regards, 

With deep sympathy, 

Sincecount yours,

My best, 

All ideal,

With many thanks, 

The cost-free cshed isn't a title or a heading, so there's no should capitalize all the nouns or crucial words–simply the first word, whatever it is. 

Note: Sometimes civilization describe the cost-free cshed as the salutation. Don't let them fool you. The salutation is the greeting.

Have other capitalization errors caught your attention? Please share them.  

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Grammar And Usage

Apart vs. A Part: How to Use Each

Is It Passed or Past? What’s the Difference?

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