"That"s just prefer, your opinion, man" is an expression used in conversation forums and imageboards to retort or dismiss someone else"s suggest as entirely subjective or as well verbose, equivalent to the consumption of TL;DR and also Didn"t check out, LOL.

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The expression originated from a memorable dialogue scene in the 1998 cult comedy film The Big Lebowski.<1> In the scene, the main characters The Dude (played by Jeff Bridges) and also Walter (played by John Goodman) are approached by Jesus Quintana (played by John Turturro) that taunts them both before, to which The Dude replies "…that"s like, your opinion, man."

Jesus Quintana: You all set to be fucked, man? I watch you rolled your way right into the semis.Dios mio, guy. Liam and also me, we"re gonna fuck you up. The Dude: Yeah, well, you recognize, that"s simply, choose, your opinion, male. Jesus Quintana: Let me tell you somepoint, pendejo. You pull any kind of of your crazy shit through us, you flash a piece out on the lanes, I"ll take it amethod from you, stick it up your ass and pull the fucking cause "til it goes "click." The Dude: Jesus.

The Big Lebowski

The film was mainly seen as a disappointment upon its box office release in 1998, however it gradually grew into a cult-favorite for its idiosyncratic characters and offbeat dialogues. The Dude"s quote additionally gained the condition of fan-favorite through its earliest known iteration discovered in a StraightDope forum<2> conversation about the "the majority of memorable movie quotes" posted on August 1fifth, 2000.


In enhancement, the primary character The Dude also ended up being an symbol of college stoner society through the launch of Dudeism (also known as "The Church of the Latter-Day Dude") in 2005, an online faith via a adhering to of 130,000 "priests" devoted to spanalysis the approach and also way of life of The Dude via the website.


Google search for "That"s just choose, your opinion, man"<6> returns hundreds of hundreds of forum conversation threads in which the expression is provided as a retort against one more poster during dispute. It has actually been likewise referenced in the title of various op-ed columns, conversation threads and blog articles, ranging from political discussions on Democratic Underground<10> to music associated discussions on Metafilter.

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The Urban Dictionary<7> enattempt for the acronym TJLYOM was submitted on December ninth, 2006. The Facebook page<4> for "Yeah, well, you recognize, that"s simply, choose, your opinion" has actually more than 871 likes as of April 2012. The quote was ultimately adapted right into picture macros based on still shots of The Dude from the movie and other remarkable personalities found in famous society.