The “that’s not exactly how this works” meme originated from an Esurance advertisement entitled ‘Beatrice’ in 2014.

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In the viral video clip, several elderly womales have actually a misguided debate around just how Facebook functions, through the womale in the purple responding to an ‘in-person’ unfriending request: “That’s not just how this functions. That’s not how any type of of this functions.”

The Original Esurance Beatrice Commercial


AdWeek interregarded the creators as part of a series on commercials that motivated memes, and they sassist that they thought “they’d be the initially to develop a meme from the ad quickly after it appeared on YouTube, they were surprised to uncover that people had already made their own GIFs and also memes, straight from the broadactors variation.”

For whatever factor, the phrase resonated through civilization. Social media customers dropped in love with it on Tumblr, Twitter, Reddit, and also YouTube, creating a range of funny picture captions. In a nutshell, the reaction meme expresses mildly exasperated constercountry.

It’s offered in funny ways- check out some of our favorite memes to emerge from this viral ad:

The Funniest The That’s Not How This Works Memes



— Birthday in one week fox (
Just_fionna) January 27, 2019

Over on Twitter, a user used the meme to mock a school’s misuse of the ROAR acronym.

Curing Depression

That’s not exactly how this works. That’s not exactly how any kind of of this functions. from WhitePeopleTwitter

The white people twitter subreddit had a funny meme. They were supposedly triggered by a tweet in which somebody states that they cured depression ssuggest by deciding to sheight being depressed. In a weird means, it’s not so counterintuitive that this might work-related given that emotional claims are frequently a product of perspective.

PMS Problems




A womale with PMS symptoms strong reacts to her boyfriend’s idea that she take some Midol to calm herself down.

Proving Innocence



An even more political perspective, the meme is provided to make fun of the reality that proving innocence to gain off a watch list is clearly ludicrous.

Flat Planet Believers

That’s not just how any kind of of this functions from insanepeoplefacebook

In the middle of all of the flat Planet hype, a meme emerged mocking level earth believers who were contrasting flat and circular Earth pros and cons.

Impeaching Trump

That’s not how any of this functions you fucking morons from facepalm

Where would certainly we be without some anti-Trump meme making? In this one, a user reflects off a shirt that defines the meaning of “Trumpeached”. It’s a long and also meandering definition that’s pretty funny- it plainly motivated some Reddit individuals who are quick to overreact to anypoint MAGA related.

My Dad Played Basketball

That’s not just how any kind of of this functions from facepalm

Anvarious other social media article showcased a womale bragging that she is a “babsence queen”. When she was tested around her race, she asserted that her father played basketround. Somebody responded to her saying that’s not how that works.

Shitty Car Mods

Thats not exactly how any kind of of this works! from Shitty_Car_Mods

This cars modification subreddit showed off a really weird wheel rim architecture that was reportedly afresolved to the auto door.

Tinder Bestie

That’s not just how any of this works! from Tinder

Another funny instance comes from and Tinder. It reflects off a 23-year-old girl composing that she’s utilizing the dating platcreate to locate a best friend- not a romantic partner.

Essential Oils MLM

That’s not just how this functions, that’s not just how any of this functions. from antiMLM

Inside of Reddit’s anti multilevel marketing forum, they had actually many fun with a screenswarm of a woman supposedly claiming that essential oils deserve to be used to treat brain tumors.

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Other Kids Hilarity

That’s not how any kind of of this functions from FellowKids

r/FellowKids specializes in out of touch provides of memes. They’ve uncovered a funny example here- a misoffered Toy Story meme apparently issuing a PSA for kids to wear their issued ID cards.