Recent Examples on the Net The young victim went home through an abrasion on his neck. —, 4 Aug. 2021 In the next week or so, the rover will certainly unleash one instrument that could aid answer this puzzle: an abrasion little mounted at the end of its 2-meter-long arm. — Paul Voosen, Science | AAAS, 21 July 2021 The Unbreakable 6 Straight denim pants feel pretty much favor consistent jeans but have actually much premium abrasion resistance and also some nice touches, such as a carabiner loop for keys, and deep pockets, including a roomy coin pocket. — Bill Roberchild, Forbes, 31 May 2021 Cole experienced a corneal abrasion and also chemical burns on her eye and also skin. — Andy Mannix, Star Tribune, 26 May 2021 The smooth cloth didn’t pill in our tests, also after our abrasion machine rubbed it 1,000 times. — Lexie Sachs, Good Housekeeping, 17 May 2021 That adds a considerable degree of comfort inside a tent, blocking moisture invading from the ground, and protecting the tent floor from dirt, abrasion, and dog paws. — Wes Siler, Outside Online, 2 May 2021 Babolat started from the bottom up, working via Michelin—the two French carriers have actually a long history of partnership—to redesign the outsingle by reinforcing areas that see the many abrasion while making use of much less product in low-impact zones. — Tim Newcomb, Forbes, 5 July 2021 An entire Renaissance people to come, a people of tumult and confusion around justice, chastisement and also clemency—about the abrasion in between the principles of the Gospels and also the exercise of power—blooms in that one phrase. — Dan Hofstadter, WSJ, 25 June 2021

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History and also Etymology for abrasion

obtained from Middle ages Latin abrāsiōn-, abrāsiō, from Latin abrādere "to scrape off" + -tiōn-, -tiō, suffix of activity nouns — more at abrade