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Julius Caesar Conclusion Graphic Organizer

Instructions : Read the product provided in the lesboy. Answer the concerns below.

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What might the ghold suppose as soon as he claims he is Brutus’s evil spirit? Choose one choice (or come up via a brand-new one) and also define your answer in information.Do a search for indevelopment on the “Battle of Philippi.” ○ A library ○ The Military background website atAbout.com ○ An encyclopediaPlaced the details of that fight listed below in the following bullet points. Note: you must discover information on the real Battle of Philippi. Do not depend on Shakespeare to provide you all the details you need!

○ The Battle of Philippi began after the assassicountry of Julius Caesar.○ The Battle of Philippi took place in the year 42 BC.○ Cassius built a transverse dam to speak Antony from breaking Cassius’s and also Brutus’s militaries acomponent.○ Cassius eliminated himself bereason he believed that they had actually both been beat.○ Brutus defeated Octavian army.○ There were 2 different battles at the Battle of Philippi.○ The entire Battle of Philippi lasted for 2 days.Pay close attention to the last fight in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. Placed the details of that battle below in the complying with bullet points. Note: this question refers to the events as they are portrayed in Shakespeare’s play, which differ from actual historic documents.○ The Battle of Philippi started after the assassination of Julius Caesar.○ Cassius’s army fought Antony’s army, while Brutus’s army combated Octavius’s army.○ Cassius killed himself bereason Pindarus told him that Titinus was captured.○ Brutus eliminated himself bereason he prefered to die fairly than go back to Rome as a defeated prisoner.○ Before he passed away, Brutus said to Caesar’s ghost, (paraphrase) he was more willing to kill himself than he ever was to kill Caesar.○ Antony shelp that Brutus was the noblest Romale of them all.After learning the occasions of the whole story, put your opinion about Brutus below. Was he a betrayer or a patriot? Explain your answer using at leastern three examples from the play. Refer to your Traitor or Patriot chart for examples.Brutus was a patriot. Yes, he did indeed kill Caesar, but it was clear that he was manipulated anddidn’t desire to. Caesar was among Brutus’s great friends, so why would he select to assassinate himif not for the fate of Rome. Due to the fact that Cassius couldn’t completely convince him the first time, he hadCinna area fake letters everywhere Brutus’s room from the “town” saying: “Brutus, you’re sleeping.Wake up and also look at yourself. Is Rome going to ... and so on. Speak, strike, resolve the wrongs!”. The letters arewhat obtained Brutus to fully commit to the arrangement, therefore, he was encouraged because he believed that it

was what the Romans wanted. Without this element, Brutus many likely wouldn"t have agreed to theassasination of his great frifinish, Caesar.

Ask yourself the following questions about each piece of evidence you provide:

● Is this line sincere, sarcasm, or something else? How have the right to you tell?● Which words in this line imply the character’s true feelings?● Are tbelow multiple ways to analyze this line? What are they?)

Evidence Betra yer or Patrio t



Our course willseem too bloody,Caius Cassius, tocut the head off andthen hack the limbs,favor wrath in deathand also envyafterwards;ForAntony is yet a limbof Caesar: Let us besacrificers, but notbutchers, Caius.


Patriot Act 2, scene 1

Here Brutus describes that while they have to kill Caesar toconserve Rome from dictatorship, they need to not kill MarcAntony also, or they will appear to be cold bloodedkillers in the eyes of the civilization quite than defendersof the nation.

Caesar, now be still.I killed not thee withfifty percent so excellent a will.


Patriot Act 5, scene 5

Here Strato is holding Brutus’s sword for Brutus to runinto it favor he asked. Before he kills himself, he calls outto Caesar that he was even more willing to kill himself thanto ever before kill Caesar.

This was thenoblest Roman ofthem all. All theconspirators savejust he did that theydid in envy of greatCaesar. He only in ageneral honestbelieved andwidespread good to all,made one of them.

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Patriot Act 5, scene 5

Here Antony and also Octavious lastly stumble acrossBrutus’s dead body. Even though Antony was his rival,he admitted that Brutus has constantly had actually great intentionsfrom the begin and also that he just eliminated caesar out ofpatriotism.