Games in the shooter genre are typically pretty straight forward when it concerns specific parts of the gameplay. Grenades are frequently as straightforward as they come with being tied to the bumper or create butlots, however in The Division they are a little even more facility and also confutilizing.

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There are many times in The Division where you are dealing with a horde of enemies that are tough to also shoot without obtaining hit hard because of the variety of them. This is wright here grenades come in extremely handy, yet you need to know simply how to use them.

By holding down left on the d-pad, a selection wheel will pop up that lets you switch between grenade forms. You can pick the one you want via the best analog stick and you would assume that would then let you use it ideal then and tbelow. However before, that is not quite just how it functions.

Instead, after choosing the form of grenade you desire to use, you must just hit left on the d-pad one time, fairly than holding it as before. By just pressing left on the d-pad, an oarray trajectory line will show up that you have the right to then aim through to throw the grenade.

Grenades are incredibly valuable in The Division, so it’s wise to learn simply just how to ideal usage each type for each case you might confront in the game.

- This post was updated on April 17th, 2017

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