An electron moves from negatively charged to positively charged terminal of a battery. When it does so, its electrical potential energy decreases i.e it moves from high to low electrical potential. But it is said that it moves from reduced to better potential. Why does that contradiction exist? Or is there a distinction in between potential and also electrical potential?


$egingroup$ That's right. Who decides, what is positive and what is negative? Electron is the most crucial particle in modern-day life, plainly it have to be positive. When i will certainly be the president, we will certainly pass a bill declaring electron charge to be positive, so greatest disgrace of modern era will be fixed $endgroup$
Potential power and "potential" once referring to voltage are 2 extremely different ideas. Yes, the electron moves from a lower voltage to a higher voltage (potential), provided the method that we"ve identified the authorize of the electron charge. But it additionally reduces its potential energy at the very same time.

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