Advancements are challenges, identified by uncertainty, risk and also complexity. This renders it all the more important to develop a framework, system and also methodology for the advancement, advancement and implementation of new assets. This additionally has a valuable creation procedure according to different phases, which on the one hand also leaves sufficient area for creativity, yet also leads to the goal in a focused manner. Because:

The slowest, that does not shed sight of his goal, is still more quick than the one that is wandering without a goal. Gottorganize Ephraim Lessing

The 4 phases of innovation

The phases of a modern technology, ie a technology process, deserve to be separated into 4 major steps:

Idea: repertoire of invention potentials, derivation of ideas, evaluation and also release of concepts.

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Concept: Extensive evaluation and also derivation of ideas for the solution, implementation and also marketing.Solution: Advancement and trial and error of the services to the finiburned product.Market: Arouse and also accomplish a customer"s needs by implementing in procurement, manufacturing and logistics as well as marketing and sales.

Each phase has actually its own qualities. If the front phases are even more imaginative and also much less structured, the phases of implementation and also marketing are very process-oriented and focused.


The advancement of the individual phases relies exceptionally a lot on the individual demands of a firm. For example, bigger suppliers have actually a much more intensive assessment with several decision-making steras in the principle phase. Or technology-extensive organizations through complicated commodities will certainly have actually a more comprehensive manufacturing implementation. And company companies have various requirements.

Phase 1: Ideas

An innovation process always starts through the search for and finding innovative potentials and the derivation of principles, which are consequently evaluated. An innovation potential is a newly found chance for invention. This have the right to be:

An unfulfilled customer requirementA problem with the customerA possible new marketA brand-new technological solution.

Tbelow are numerous possibilities for tracking down innovation potentials. Tright here are basically two different approaches:

Random Finding: One encounters randomly discovering impulses for potentials. For example, one finds a new innovation in searcs. However before, employees deserve to additionally geneprice motivation via the company"s suggestion or on the basis of customer feedearlier.

An idea emerges from the potential for development, a thought-like construct, such as the new solution in the feeling of a brand-new product or a brand-new business. In exercise, it can merge into a one-pager with a summary and sketch. In the instance of an initial description of the concepts, the reason why the idea is appropriate to the firm, the potential and also the usefulness of the principle is essential. The conclusion of the first phase renders the concept assessment. On the basis of identified criteria, the potential benefits and also the feasibility of the company are evaluated. Based on this, the concept is given a priority and also the release for the next phase is made a decision wright here the objectives and expectations are likewise concretized.

Phase 2: Concept

From Phase 1 comes a concrete and released idea with goals and also expectations. This is adhered to by an intensive evaluation phase in order to gather as much indevelopment as feasible around the concept and also its better processing:

Market and also customer requirementsMarket potential, e.g. Market size, sector attractivenessChances, e.g. Differentiation possibilities for the competitionRisks and also feasibility, e.g. Technical feasibility, industry enattempt barriers

Framejob-related conditions, e.g. Laws, criteria, patents The many intensive and essential analysis is that of the customer needs, for example:

What are the requirements of customers?Are there any type of unfulfilled or unaware customer needs?Which customer problems are there and must be resolved?What is the prominence of needs?

Here, a systematic technique via skilled approaches such as customer interviews, emphasis groups, lead user workshops or customer observations is recommended in order to get the best feasible insight. Especially LEADVERTISEMENT Users are an extremely valuable source, because they have many kind of experiences and many type of own principles and also services as progressed customers. On the basis of the analyzes, first ideas are arisen via regard to the

SolutionImplementationMarketing. The solution initially includes the requirements for the new product, the specification. In addition, tright here are initially solution principles in the create of descriptions, sketches or models. For a effective and also feasible implementation, initially thoughts need to be gathered for an implementation concept. It covers procurement, production and logistics. Marketing is likewise extremely important. The ideal solution is not successful if it is not marketed well. This contains the product strategy, which specifies the placing, the USP, taracquire markets, feasible sales networks, the pricing strategy, and so on This strategy is the basis for marketing and also circulation throughout the product life cycle. The organization version Canvas by Alexander Osterwalder and also Yves Pigneur is the perfect tool for conceptualization. In order to release the principle or concept for the next phase, a concept testimonial is necessary. It analyzes the demands for solution, implementation and also marketing thoapproximately. Particular attention is passist to the solution principle, which is ideal evaluated through future customers and also users. The optimal approach is iterative, where initial raw principles are evaluated and repetitively emerged in constant feedback loops until a coherent, first-course concept is establiburned.

Depending on the scope of the idea phase, an innovation job can already be began here in order to work through the tools of the job administration.

Phase 3: Solution

The aim of Phase 3 is to construct a ready-to-use solution that can be carried to the industry. Solutions are being arisen, prototypes built and tests brought out. In addition to idea and lab tests, the tests additionally encompass industry tests under real problems in order to gain in-depth feedago. Once the solution has got to maturity, it will be released for implementation and also marketing. At the same time, the ideas for implementation and marketing are additionally arisen and also adapted. Outputs of this phase are generally technological specifications, CADs and also know-exactly how for application and also production.

Phase 4: Market

The last phase is about bringing the product to the potential customers. On the one hand also, this needs the physical availcapacity of the product. These include procurement, production and logistics based upon characterized ideas. On the other hand, the customer is arosupplied and also then fulfilled. All marketing and also sales networks are activated. As a basis, inner sales should be convinced and trained in order to lug the assets to the customers in the primary action. All these tasks deserve to be summarized as development marketing. At the finish of the innovation phases, the new product is moved to product lifecycle management in the obligation of product management. On the basis of the continuous testimonial and analysis of the product on the sector by, for instance, customer feedback or quantitative industry analyzes, procedures are taken to boost sales, margins and customer satisfaction. Amongst various other things, the well known 4P devices of marketing are provided.

Process models

Various process models are available for the management of the creation phases. The a lot of renowned in practice are the

Stage gate process,Design Thinking,Lean start-up andScrum.

Regardmuch less of the favored procedure version, the content and also sequence of the phases are constantly the very same. Only the framework and also form of settlement are different.

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Conclusion: 4 phases of innovation

Innovative procedures after phases are indispensable. This is because they create framework and systematicity to prevent mistakes and also to increase the innovative performance. This ensures that all vital steps are completed in a timely and also correct manner. If there were no processes and also phases, one would orientate without orientation constantly ago and forth fairly than focused on the goal.