We have never resided in a time choose now.

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I woke this morning to read the latest: Our 8 hrs functioning day is killing us, sitting at our desks is the new cancer, digital fact indicates we will certainly never leave the home aobtain, we are addicted to social media and also our smart phones, our youngsters can only talk through their thumbs, oh and I almost forgained to cite that the robots are taking over.

Its all noise!

Don't desire this also much as it will start to freak you out! It did me. #robotics #Ai #Automation #Tech #cool

A write-up mutual by Simon McCaability (
Don't watch this if iRobot freaked you out.

Negative news sells

Eextremely morning we wake to the exact same wall of negativity. Negative news sells.

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Days gone by news broadcasts would be filled via the poor stuff via a 'and finally' sprinkled on at the end to mask the devastating world we reportedly live in.