Rapid note: The premiere episode was an hour so technically it was episode 1 and also episode 2. That is why this one is episode 3.

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My brief thoughts on episode 3 after the jump. As constantly, reviews of previous episodes deserve to be discovered below.

I really wish The Game's authors would explain also a small little bit why Melanie is not practicing medication. At this suggest, it doesn't also need to be a large, or in-depth explanation, but damn…tell me somepoint.

It's necessary because we were told that clinical institution was so crucial to Melanie for three periods. She provided up Johns Hopkins so it's not completely out of character for Melanie to provide up something she really cared around to follow Derwin, but the show can't just let Melanie's decision not to practice go constantly unremarked upon. Particularly bereason the fight via Derwin at the finish of tonight's episode was a perfect chance for the display to explain why Melanie determined to not practice medicine. It would certainly have actually been straightforward for Melanie to say in that minute that she did it for him or somepoint. The display just dances around it also as Melanie insists on referring to herself as "Dr. Melanie Barnett-Davis." Just irritating.

But now what? Is she really just going to be head Sunbeam. It was weird to me that the reconciliation was about how Derwin needs Melanie and also not about what duty Melanie deserve to actually play that will certainly accomplish her. Clearly, she's bored. Clearly, she needs something else to do. Maybe this episode will erected her decision to actually exercise medicine, but I doubt it.

Some various other thoughts:

I didn't really laugh much at the B story involving Malik running out of money, but I preferred that Malik's removal from the team is having genuine effects in his life. And I did kinda prefer that he would certainly still try to carry out Tee Tee's party genuine massive even though he couldn't afford it.Tee Tee ballin? Malik broke? It'll be amazing to watch just how their partnership shifts. Nice to see Irv aget, particularly bereason that partnership in between him and Tasha has actually been so drastically and comedically well-off in the past.We lastly acquire to check out exactly how excellent Tasha Mack is at her project. We require more of this.Episodes without Coby Bell are pretty laugh-free and also Wendy Raquel Robinson's appearances are far as well inregular. This sucks.

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What did y'all think of episode 3?


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