Publication Riot newly polled its readers on their Favorite Novels, their Many Hated Novels, and also the NovelsThey Keep Meaning to Read. The articles produced some lively conflict, so we chose to take a closer look at the outcomes.

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Here is exactly how the 3 lists overlap:


Note: The Favorites circle is bigger bereason of a larger sample dimension.

As you deserve to watch, tbelow is significant overlap between the 3 lists. Of course, the a lot of amazing overlap is that between the Favorites and also Many Hated lists, through 8 publications arriving on both:


Love/Hate Relationship: The Many Polarizing Books

Of these 8, the prestigious award for the most polarizing book goes to The Great Gatsby, which has actually the unique distinction of making the Top 5 on both lists.

Digging simply a tiny deeper, I pulled the Top 15 from each of the lists and looked at the publication dates and page counts to see if any kind of trends arised.

Surprisingly, the average publication year for both the Favorites and Many Hated list is specifically the same: 1937. This additionally happens to be the year Amelia Earhart mysteriously disshowed up. Coincidence? You tell me.

One notable distinction is that tbelow are even more newly publiburned publications on the Many Hated list (5 compared to 2 on the Favorites). Looking at those more current hated books — Twilight (2005), Fifty Shades of Grey (2012), The Da Vinci Code (2003), Gone Girl (2012), and Eat Pray Love (2006) – you can see that hatred regularly stems as a lot from a book’s hype and also host on a specific pop culture minute as from the book itself.

I’m certain that there are worse publications out tbelow, but to be truly hated on a huge scale, a book has to force its means right into the famous consciousness and also declare itself worthy of your hatred. Whether or not these books have actually the continuing to be power to inspire hatred in the years and also centuries to come continues to be to be seen–though I’m certain E.L. James’ agent would certainly love nothing more than to watch Fifty Shades of Grey sitting next to Moby Cock on this list in two hundred years.

As would be intended, tright here is a a lot bigger difference as soon as you look at the To Read list. The average publication day of this list is a comparably prehistoric 1880… the same year the Canadian National Anthem was presented (absolutely not a coincidence).

The web page count of our To Read pile is additionally a lot better than either the Favorites or Most Hated lists. While the average Favorite is 505 peras lengthy and also the average Most Hatedis 404 pperiods, the average book on the To Read list weighed in at a whopping 1,097 peras. Apparently brevity is a contemporary development.


When it concerns our analysis selections, supposedly dimension does matter.

This sounds about ideal. Dedicated readers naturally feel a desire, if not duty, to take on the hulking beasts of the literary canon. However, while our lofty ambitions might skew classical, our hearts and attention apparently lean more contemporary.

We also lean towards lean bereason it takes a distinct kind of commitment (and also significant top body strength) to lug all twelve thousand and also twenty 5 peras of War & Peace with you to the beach.

However before, tbelow is a promising trfinish here. While tright here is substantial overlap in between the To Read and the Favorites lists, tbelow are no publications that appear only on the To Read and the Most-Hated lists (tbelow are some that appear on all three). This suggests that while it might take even more initiative, there’s a good chance that digging right into that To Read pile will certainly be worth your while.

So what are you waiting for? Go hit the weights and also pick up that neglected copy of Infinite Jestsitting by your bed.Just be certain to examine earlier in through us to let us recognize if you loved it or hated it.


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