(MINISERIES DRAMA; NBC, SUN. MAY 9, MON. MAY 10, 9 P.M.) Filmed on place in Toronto by Dan Wigutow Prods. in associationvia Regency Television. Executive producer, Dan Wigutow; producers,Arnon Milchan, Scott White; director, William A. Graham; writer, BruceGraham; camera, Ralf Bode; manufacturing designer, Donald Lee Harris;editor, Drake Silliman; music, Chris Boardman; collection decorator, MikeHarris; spreading, Molly Lopata, Susan Forrest. Running time: 4 HOURS.Ira Einhorn Kevin AndersonFred Maddux Tom SkerrittHolly Maddux Naomi WattsSaul Lapidus Brian KerwinRichard DiBenedetto Martin DonovanMeg Maddux Kellie OverbeyHuffy Maddux Kristin BoothSandra Rothmale Susan CoyneLucas Rothman Albert SchultzRobert Stevens William G. SchillingJake Newresidence Ruben Santiago-HudsonBarbra Bronfmale Mimi KuzykBea Einhorn Rosemary MurphyArlen Specter Gregory ItzinAnika Flodin Carolyn Dunn NBC plays its true-crime card through "The Hunt for the UnicornKiller," an engaging mini that boasts solid performances and atight framework from director William A. Graham. Regardless of a rushedfinishing, this factual drama about activist-turned-fugitive Ira Einhornuses up some real suspense and also has actually all the components of aratings-grabber (a madguy, a homicide, a blonde). Like the similarlythemed 1984 mini "Fatal Vision" -- Dan Wigutow exec producedboth -- sweeps viewers acquainted through the case will certainly gain theirsolve, while those just looking for a thrill will additionally be satisfied.

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Based on Steven Levy"s book "The Unicorn"sSecret," Bruce Graham"s teleplay details the occasions thatsurrounded the death of Holly Maddux (Naomi Watts), an attractive,spirited Texan who dropped in love via Einhorn (Kevin Anderson) in thebeforehand "70s. A Philadelphia radical that led relaxed protests,Einhorn (Germale for "one horn," thus the rifle) was ansignificant community voice: He lectured at colleges, befriendedcorpoprice honchos, composed books and came to be linked to some ofAmerica"s wealthiest benedeterminants. Narrative begins in 1968 at Bryn Mawr College and thenfast-forwards to 1970, when Holly drops for the hippy-ish Einhorn. Soonthey move in together and sustain a one-sided courtship: Holly acceptshis penchant for unfaithfulness, and pleases him on demand also. Over time, the relationship grows also even more territorial; he drives awedge between Holly and her conservative dad, Fred (Tom Skerritt);pressures her to dance topless for money; and insists she get an abortion.In 1977, after making the decision to leave Einhorn, Holly retransforms tothe apartment to collect her things and also confronts him. Nobody hears fromher aacquire. Part 2 circles the investigation, headed by personal detectiveRobert Stevens (William G. Schilling). His team arrests Einhorn in 1977after they uncover Holly"s body stuffed in a trunk in hisapartment. Out on bail, the accprovided killer weighs his choices, flees thecountry in 1981 and is able to elude authorities for years whileassistant D.A. Ricdifficult DiBenedetto (Martin Donovan) builds a situation. Convicted in absentia and also sentenced to life in prikid in 1993,Einhorn remained on the lamb until 1997, when he was finally captured inFrance through new girlfrifinish Anika Flodin (Carolyn Dunn). Refusing atinitially to extradite him, the French government retaken into consideration afterPennsylvania legislation was enacted to grant him a new trial; he ispresently totally free on bond and is appealing the judgment. Holly"s dad, Fred, has because committed suicide, leaving sisterMeg (Kellie Overbey) to lead the family"s fight for justice. As Einhorn, Anderchild does a solid job of turning on the cdamage andterror simultaneously. Charismatic and also totally believable, the thesp,who starred in ABC"s controversial (and short-lived) series"Nopoint Sacred," knows how to portray a smooth talker and also apsychopath without lining either one with false fibers. Other standout perfs encompass Watts, that gives Holly the rightamount of innocence and also sensuality, and also Skerritt, that, prefer Karl Maldenin "Vision," brings a tough sensitivity to the truth-seekingfather duty. Missing, however, is any feeling of here and now, with the majorityof the story focusing on the straight aftermath of Einhorn"sloss in 1981 instead of recent advancements. More coverage ofthe situation"s current state would certainly have been suitable, especiallyconsidering that it has lately been rechecked out by several newsmags.

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Tech credits are great, with Chris Boardman"s underproclaimed scoreand Ralf Bode"s lensing particularly efficient.
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Television Program Review
May 3, 1999

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