As presented in the accompanying figure, ____ when it becomes clear that the firm plans to replace the mechanism.

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adaptive and corrective maintenance prices rise promptly, however perfective maintenance generally decreases
As presented in the accompanying figure, once a mechanism becomes stable, maintenance prices commonly remajor low and also involve minor ____ maintenance.
If considerable transforms take location in an existing system or if a brand-new variation is released, the IT department could construct a ____.
As presented in the accompanying number, maintenance expenses normally are high when a mechanism is imposed because troubles need to be detected, investigated, and readdressed by ____ maintenance.
In a typical mechanism, the initial version of the device is 1.0, and also the release that consists of the initially set of maintenance changes is variation ____.
In many organizations, ____ IT department initiative goes into sustaining existing devices and also making them even more valuable to individuals.
When establishing priorities, many IT managers believe that evaluating all projects together leads to the ideal feasible decisions because ____.
____ activities include transforming programs, procedures, or documentation to ensure correct device performance; adapting the mechanism to changing requirements; and making the system operate more successfully.

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____ costs vary significantly throughout a system"s operational life and incorporate spending to assistance maintenance activities.



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