Dr, Phil just released a brand-new podcast concentrating on Gypsy Rose Blanchard and also the murder of her mom Dee Dee.

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In it, tright here will certainly be never-before-heard clips from Dr. Phil"s 2017 priboy intersee through Gypsy Rose.In an Instagram clip Dr. Phil posted, you can hear Gypsy Rose talk around the night her mommy was murdered.

Dr. Phil announced on Instagram yesterday that he’s launching a new podcast containing soundbites from his 2017 interwatch with Gypsy Rose Blancdifficult, whose true story has picked up interest aacquire with the release of Hulu’s present The Act, which tells the dramatized version.

ICYMI, Gypsy Rose was released into the spotlight in 2015 after it was discovered that she had asked her boyfriend-at-the-time, Nicholas Godejohn, to murder her mother, Dee Dee Blancdifficult, after suffering from years of abuse. Dee Dee had Munchausen syndrome by proxy, a condition that led her to pretend Gypsy was ill and disabled in order to obtain attention and also sympathy.

Here"s everything you should understand about The Act on Hulu:

Once Gypsy realized she wasn’t actually sick, she felt the only method out of her instance wregarding ask Godejohn to murder her mommy. He’s currently serving life in prison without pafunction for first degree murder, and also Gypsy is serving a 10-year sentence for second-degree murder.

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When Dr. Phil sat down with Gypsy in 2017, many disturbing details about Gypsy"s life and her mom’s murder came out, however it looks like there will be even even more in the new podactors, called The Killer Thorn of Gypsy Rose: Analysis of a Murder by Dr. Phil.

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In his Instagram clip, Gypsy reveals what happened when her mommy screamed for her aid as Godejohn stabbed her in the home Gypsy and Dee Dee stayed in. “I put my hands over my ears and then it all went quiet,” she states. Gypsy supposedly hid in the bathroom while this all went down, much favor the scene in The Act.

If you desire more Gypsy Rose (and also who can blame you, this story is fascinating), you can listen to the full podcast below.

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