Meaning of Idiom ‘The Lights Are On But Nobody’s Home’

The lights are on but nobody’s home is an expression used to explain someone that is not incredibly intelligent or who is taken into consideration stupid; it is also provided in as soon as someone does not react when spoken to, perhaps because they are focused on a job or are reasoning about something else. 1McCarthy, Michael. Cambridge International Dictionary of Cambridge University Press, 2002

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Instances Of Use

“What is going on with John today? It’s like the lights are on however nobody’s residence.”

“That guy that simply moved into the apartment following door is starray. The lights are on yet no-one’s home.”

“Once Dennis starts playing video games tbelow is no usage in talking to him. The lights are on yet nobody’s house.”

“I’m not going out with Tracy again. She is exceptionally sweet and also pretty but so dumb. The lights are on however nobody’s house.”



Used given that at least the late 1980s.

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When all the lights are on inside a house, we expect that home to be occupied. It is inexplicable for a house to be fully-lit as soon as its occupants are out. This expression supplies such an occurrence to explain a person who appears fully practical and also animated but who is ‘vacant,’ or, in various other words, unintelligent or unconscious.

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Sources ↲1
McCarthy, Michael. Cambridge International Thesaurus of Cambridge College Press, 2002

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