21.The lowest-mass stars cannot end up being giants becauseA.they carry out not contain helium.B.they turn as well gradually.C.they cannot warmth their centers hot enough.D.they contain solid magnetic fields.E.they never before usage up their hydrogen.

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22.A planetary nebula isA.the expelled external envelope of a tool mass star.B.developed by a supernova explosion.C.developed by a nova explosion.D.a nebula within which planets are creating.E.a cloud of hot gas bordering a planet.

23.The Chandrasekhar limit tells us thatA.accretion disks can thrive warm with friction.B.neutron stars of more than 3 solar masses are not stable.C.white dwarfs more enormous than 1.4 solar masses are not secure.D.stars cannot travel with room also fastE.stars through a mass less than 0.5 solar masses will not go via helium flash.

24.A Type I supernova is believed to happen whenA.the core of a massive star collapses.B.hydrogen detocountry occurs.C.a white dwarf exceeds the Chandrasekhar limit.D.the cores of enormous stars collapse.E.neutrinos in a massive star come to be degenerate and develop a shock wave that explodes the star.

25.Massive stars cannot geneprice power via iron fusion becauseA.iron fusion calls for incredibly high density.B.stars contain very little iron.C.no star have the right to obtain warm enough for iron fusion.D.both fusion or fission of iron nuclei absorb energyE.massive stars supernova before they develop an iron core.

26.The concept that the collapse of a substantial star's iron core produces neutrinos was supported byA.the dimension and framework of the Crab nebula.B.laboratory dimensions of the mass of the neutrino.C.the brightening of supernovae a few days after they are initially visibleD.underground counts from solar neutrinos.E.the detection of neutrinos from the supernova of 1987.

27.Synchrotron radiation is developed byA.objects via temperature below 10,000 K.B.high-velocity electrons moving via a magnetic area.C.cold hydrogen atoms in room.D.the collapsing cores of massive stars.E.helium flash.

28.A nova is virtually constantly associated withA.a very huge star.B.a very young star.C.a star undergoing helium flash.D.a white dwarf in a cshed binary system.E.a solar favor star that has actually worn down its hydrogen and also helium.

29.The Algol paradox is explained by consideringA.the degeneprice nature of the hydrogen on the surconfront of the white dwarf.B.synchrotron radiationC.the price of expansion of the shock wave inside the supernova.D.the rotation rate of a neutron star.E.mass deliver in between the two stars in a binary device.

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30.Stars through masses in between 0.4

and 4
A.undergo thermonuclear fusion of hydrogen and helium, however never before acquire warm sufficient to ignite carbon.B.undergo thermonuclear fusion of hydrogen, but never before acquire warm enough to ignite helium.C.develop type-I supernovae after they exhaust their nuclear fuels.D.create type-II supernovae after they exhaust their nuclear fuels.E.undergo carbon detocountry.