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New York Times bestmarketing author Roger Stone’s insider tell-all around the presidential project that shocked the world.) Stone continues to be front page news and his updated book responds to the charges made by Robert Mueller.Two years earlier, Roger Stone, a New York Times bestoffering writer, longtime political adviser and frifinish to Donald Trump, and also consummate Republihave the right to strategist, gave us Making of the President 2016—the first in-depth examination of just how Trump’s project delivered the biggest presidential election upset in background. But since then, the Deep State political establishment has functioned tirelessly to undo those results. The Myth of Russian Collusion adds to and updates Stone’s initial occupational to set the record right.Trump’s election win was a resounding repudiation of the failed management of both parties. The American people wanted somepoint brand-new, and also President Trump has delivered: his taxation cuts and regulatory rollbacks have provided us the strongest economy in Amerihave the right to background, he is relentless in his efforts to protect Amerideserve to citizens, and also he refprovides to do company as usual.But America’s judgment elite and also liberal media, feeling endangered, have conspired to create the best witch hunt in our country’s background. The phony narrative that Trump was in cahoots with Vladimir Putin, Mueller’s charges that Roger Stone kbrand-new around the Wikileaks emails before release—all is debunked here. With a brand-new advent that responds to the Mueller investigation, The Myth of Russian Collusion is the true story of the Trump project that the establishment doesn’t want you to think.

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Roger Stone is the New York Times bestoffering writer of The Man Who Killed Kennedy, along with Making of the President 2016, among others. He is a legendary Amerideserve to political consultant and also strategist who played a function in the election of Republideserve to poccupants Rictough Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, and also Donald Trump. He was the subject of the smash hit, award-winning Netflix documentary Get Me Roger Stone. You can follow Roger Stone’s political analysis at StoneColdTruth.com.

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Table of Contents

Overview 2019 vii

Preconfront xvii

Part 1 How Donald Tramp Hijacked the Republihave the right to Presidential Nomination 1

Chapter 1 Trump vs. the Elites 5

Chapter 2 Round One: GOP Candidates Debate 23

Chapter 3 Round Two: GOP Primaries Pick Trump 47

Part 2 How Hillary Clinton Stole the Democratic Presidential Nomicountry 97

Chapter 4 Bernie Sanders, the Old Socialist, Challenges Hillary Clinton, the President Presumed 99

Chapter 5 Round One; Hillary Declares Win over Sanders 114

Chapter 6 Round Two: Hillary Pivots to Attack Trump 133

Part 3 How Trump Won the White Housage 167

Chapter 7 The Vice Presidential Picks and the National Nominating Conventions 171

Chapter 8 The Presidential and also Vice Presidential Debates 194

Chapter 9 Cshedding Arguments 253

Conclusion: Trump Wins 271

Appendix A 326

Appendix B 331

Endnotes 333

Editorial Reviews

"Roger's an excellent male. He is a patriot and believes in a solid country, and also the majority of the points that I believe in."—President Donald J. Trump "This is the definitive inside account from someone who was through Trump from the beginning."—Judge Andrew Napolitano "Breathsoaking up its scope and also detail, Stone defines just how Donald Trump pulled off the biggest upset in American political history."—Alex Jones "No one, and I suppose no one has a much better, more straight and also in-depth watch on the increase and ascendancy of Donald Trump than Stone."—Dr. Theodore Roosevelt Malloch "We are living in the age of Stone. Certainly his journey from a Penis Nixon 'Dirty Trickster,' to Donald Trump's guy in the trenches, does around mirror the trajectory of the Amerideserve to appropriate."—Variety "Stone has actually been a vivid and at times maligned figure in the Republihave the right to Party that relishes political combat and playing a function in resulting in or exposing unseemly scandals."—Washington Message "Stone is among the finest known—and best dressed—political insiders in New York."—Breitbart.com "Watching Stone is favor watching a well-dressed cobra at rest."—Esquire "Possibly The Most Dangerous Man In Politics."—MSN.com "Trump without Stone is akin to George W. Bush without Karl Rove or Barack Obama without David Axelrod."—National Rewatch "What renders Stone such a tour de pressure is his capacity to impact the campaign of both candidays."—Redstate.com "Stone is just one of the ideal resources in Washington for 'inside dirt.'"—Slate.com