Only annotated lines are quoted below, not the entire script#SpeakerLineOriginally written by Transcribed byROSSRACHELROSSALLMONICACHANDLER and also JOEYMONICARACHELEpisode 809, Lines 185-185RachelEpisode 315, Lines 167-170RachelRossRachel(ACTION)CHANDLERImage below: Chandler and Joey apartment number is 19Image below: Monica and Rachel apartment number is 20Image below: Monica and Rachel in apartment 5Image below: Joey and Chandler in apartment 4MONICAROSSRACHELROSSRACHELROSS
1Josh Hodge With Minor Adjustments by: Dan Silverstein.
36 Yeah, yeah, yeah. I obtained to gain to the museum. So um, I"ll watch you tonight.

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38Bye males.
40 Tonight?
41Hey, yo.
42What"s tonight?
43It is our first main day. Our first day.
Observation: In Episode E809/L185: , line(s) 809, Rachel says she and also Ross went out for 2 years. Actually, they begin dating in Episode E215/L36-43: , line(s) 215, and stop dating in Episode E315/L167-170: , line(s) 315, which is one year.
185So Ross, we went out for two years, and you never told me you were in an I Hate Rachel club.
167I don’t understand, I don’t understand. Urrrgh! Look, perhaps we should take a break.
168Okay, okay, fine, you’re appropriate. Let’s ah, let’s take a break, (goes to the door) let’s cool off, okay, let’s acquire some frozen yogart, or somepoint.. (opens up the door)
169No. (Ross is standing in the doormeans.) A break from us.
170Ross looks at her, then leaves slamming the door behind him.
70Uh, two larges, added cheese on both. But listen, do not ring the buzzer for 19, ring 20, Geller-Environment-friendly, they"ll let you in, OK. If you buzz our door, there"s no pointer for you. OK, many thanks. Pizza"s on the method. I told you we wouldn"t need to obtain up.
Nitpick: In Episode E215/L70: , line(s) 215, Chandler confirms that Chandler/Joey and Rachel/Monica live in apartments 19 and 20 (additionally below: 13 from Episode I13/E108/Chandler and also Joey apartment number is 19/: and also below: 14 from Episode I14/E108/Monica and also Rachel apartment number is 20/: ). In below: 2 from Episode I2/E101/Monica and Rachel in apartment 5/: and below: 3 from Episode I3/E101/Joey and also Chandler in apartment 4/: , they live in apartments 4 and also 5.
199It"s Rictough Burke.
Observation: Re Episode E215/L199: , line(s) 215, Ricdifficult definitely has an unfortunate name. A common nickname for Rictough is "Dick", which is also a rude word, and I think "berk" (pronounced the exact same as Burke) is a rude word in England also.
244Wha, OK, I"m sorry, let"s uh, why do not we find somearea else.
245No, you know what, it"s late, everything"s gonna be closed. Why do not we simply perform it an additional night?
Nitpick: In Episode E215/L244-245: , line(s) 215, Rachel clintends "everything will be closed". In Manhattan? In New York, the "city that never sleeps"?
259Well uh, you see that, that little bit cluster of stars next to the massive one? That is Ursa Major.
262I"ve no concept, can be. Listen, I"m sorry I had actually to work-related tonight.
Observation: Re Episode E215/L259-262: , line(s) 215, just for recommendation, Ursa Major is the constellation containing the Big Dipper (and for this reason not a "little cluster of stars"). Of course, Ross admits he doesn"t really know.
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