In 2017 sculpture netjob-related addressed the topic “Art in Public Spaces” throughout all of its programmes occurring throughout Europe.

„A work-related of art is not developed at a place, quite the area itself is the job-related of art,“ proasserted Robert Smithson in the 60’s and therefore offered an easy yet concrete indication of the relationship between art and public spaces. However, much has adjusted because then: The boom of site-certain art in the 80’s and early 90’s was adhered to by cross over, audience-oriented art and service-oriented art. Today - at the beginning of the 21st century - modern-day art is not only stuck in a dilemma, but the whole western people appears to be coming apart at the seams: international media pressures, ever before enhancing streams of refugees, global financial crisis, global terrorism. And art? The retreat of artists and curators to theoretical discussions at plenty of congresses and also workshops is, for the time being, correct. Nevertheless, perspectives for the future of public art have to be developed and realized easily.

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Art and ArchitectureAs an outcome of the plea for cross-over in visual arts given that the mid-90’s the younger generation of artists in certain have devoted themselves to the connection in between style and also urban planning. The days once great art was frequently misprovided for the depiction and also decoration of mediocre design are long previous. Tright here is more at stake currently. The withdrawl of humanity into their own four wall surfaces, mostly caused by the so-called brand-new media of residence shopping, Web, live chats and also e-mails, asindications a great job to public space as a user-interchallenge of human communication - the recoextremely of the city by its inhabitants, the confirmation of the city as a place of societal, financial, social and also huguy activity.Art and also Cities


According to the newest studies big western European cities will proceed to explode in the coming years. In comparison smaller sized and medium-sized cities will certainly ‘shrink’ significantly. Add to this a modern-day nomadism, emigration and immigration and also the separation of job-related and also living locations. In the future the ‘classic’ guest worker of the 60’s and 70’s will certainly be replaced by the international worker living in a pre-fabricated unit who, simply like his family members, does not know in excatly which metropolis he is at the moment. Plus, tbelow will additionally be the so-called televilleras, settlements in which human being no longer just live, yet sit at their home office PC’s and also, with the impfinishing threat of losing all connections to reality, no longer must leave their apartment to go shopping bereason the groceries ordered by means of e-mail or message message are, naturally, yielded free of charge. This implies that in cities actual empty spaces, residual locations and also non-sites will certainly be produced. These deserve to be perceived as an possibility or a hazard and can develop important brand-new areas of activity for public art.

Art and Public


With the continued anonymization and acceleration of day-to-day tasks public spaces and the behaviour of civilization in them and via them has handled a various top quality. In the ‘old’ days you can have actually closed the door to have a private telephone conversation; today urgent partnership troubles are reresolved in the tram through plenty of witnesses listening. The slow-moving industrial culture of the late 20th century has all of a sudden offered way to the fast-paced information society of the beforehand 21st century. Or - to quote Bert Theis aobtain – a „neoliberal stress and anxiety society“, which believes the delusion that it deals with the ‘Time Factor’ even more efficiently and also economically than the previous generation had actually. It is exactly here that contemporary art has been assigned the job of experimenting the worries of acceleration and also deceleration and the line between them that is already beginning to blur, as was previously described by Vito Acconci. „Time is fast and also room is slow-moving. Gap is an effort to location time and also understand time, room is a must have something to see.... Void is a desire to follow the course of events and also to believe in cause and also result.“


European Dialogue series 2017 “Art in Public Spaces”This was a year-lengthy series of neighborhood eventsensuing throughout 2017 which includedexperts’ talks, discussions and also curated visits throughout Europe at multiple venues.

Author: Florian Matzner


Prof. Florian Matznerof the Art Academy of Munichwas the Curator of this seriesof events.From his pointof see tright here is an immediate need for a new awarenessamong the general populace for art in public spaces.


"Alexa, can you suggest a product for a brand-new artwork?" Emilio Vavarella, Italian artist living in the US, posed Amazon’s famous digital assistant this question. In his post the artist vividly presents his various tactics of developing art – side by side via nonhumale agents.
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Until October 31, the 8th Swiss Triennial of Sculpture takes area in Bad Ragaz and Vaduz, via 400 works of art in the open air. Including works of five sculpture network members.
After the forced break in 2020 NordArt opened up its gates aacquire, for the 2second time, inviting art lovers until 10 October to take a pilgrimage around the civilization of art.
sculpture netowrk online-occasions are a simple means to netjob-related and also share your principles with soulmates throughout the border.
Dear sculpture friends,On the 14th March, you were invited to an extraordinary meeting hosted by sculpture netoccupational.After being dissolved in October 2020, sculpture netjob-related was lugged to life aget by the Think Tank on the 14th of March 2021. This group of inspired and dedicated world flourished in making a plan to revive sculpture netjob-related. It’s a miracle!
In Katharina Andress‘ sculptures primitive craft meets the huguy being of the future. The artist condenses inquiries of Post- and also Transhumanism right into timeless numbers. A conversation around paint-gilding, technoid fashion, prosthetics and also rabbit-skin glue.
7 - 10 October 2021: Sculptures, culture and pleasure in the north of Spain. The expedition is fully booked. If you wish to enter the waiting list please contact us!
Sculpture doesn’t need to be for eternity. Elo Liiv (EE) and Judith Mann (DE) show the potential of ephemeral products for creating sculpture.
Until 21 November 2021, the fifth edition of the style exhibition TIME SPACE EXISTENCE takes place in Venice. Initiated by the European Cultural Centre Italy, the wide spectrum of functions by architects, photographers, sculptors and colleges from anywhere the people have the right to be admired at three various areas. Including works by five sculpture network members!
Surrounded by areas, ditches and woodlands of the Oberhavelland region, the baroque Schwante Castle is situated 25 km northwest of Berlin. Here, Loretta Würtenberger and Daniel Tümpel developed a lively place for art, nature and also enjoyment. Ursula Karpowitsch spoke with them around the idea and also the creation of an extraordinary sculpture park.

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Tbelow are some mutual facets of the female experience that are jointly taken, if not constantly spoken. Voyeurism, or the male gaze, which has most likely existed given that the dawn of imaginative development in people, is one such phenomenon.
Our Belgian pride Berlinde De Bruyckere (B. 1964) is featured in Engelenkeel, via works from 2014 to the existing, in Bonnenfantenmuseum in Maastricht, NL. Her latest body of work-related was developed in the time of the confinement of the lockdown. The pandemic gave her themes as transience, enduring and consolation a new incentive.



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Liebes Ding - Object Love
The exhibition "Liebes Ding - Object Love" displays the partnership of human beings to the points neighboring them. Our writer Eva Daxl will take you via her to the currently unfortunately closed exhibition.