The salad I had was the a lot of satisfying vegan salad Ive ever had in a vegan restaurant. I delighted in eexceptionally bite of it and also look forward to have actually a really good healthy different in the city. Theres a nice selection of seating options for those dining alone.

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Im a fan. The place is reasonably upscale and also also has a bathroom attendant. I was talking to the attendant last time I was tright here and he sassist that in his last project he was a manager and also has a college degree but he provides even more as an attendant at The Palms Gentlemens Club. Pretty funny. Maybe Im in the wrong profession too!

Cool area & area BUT really disappointed via the top quality of girls. didn’t have actually ANY blondes on a saturday night. every one of their dancers looked precisely same through different silicone & ink here and there. decent drinks & bar

My great friend and also I gained together a day after my birthday due to scheduling conflicts. When we googled the Palms. We arrived and also instantly liked the place and ambience. It was the afternoon on a Sunday and we didnt suppose a lot even more than a couple of drinks. The bartender was friendly and also attentive. The security was on point. The girls were friendly. I noticed one immediately as we walked in however she was lived in. We were approached by an additional that was friendly but simply ok. When Seven was freed up, we uncovered ourselves honored to be about her. She is an excellent dancer, good looking, nice number and the best component, actual. Her personality won this evaluation. We dont generally go to clubs, however she is worth coming again for.

Dont visit this area if you want topmuch less lap dances. I was informed in the future about the liquor drink specials in the future rather of upon arrival. Dont sit close to the stage and guideline either. I later had to have actually a conversation with a woman didnt know what county Long Beach was in.

Came this morning to reap my self watch some games some girls and acquire some dances and also the place is complete of bikers. This is the initially time on a Sunday I came like this. Oh well going elsewhere.

Victoria Jennifer and Laurie I think. Beautifullllllllll.All that plus Shakira is def the finest in the west. Breath. Taking.

Great place to be on a Wednesday night! Plenty of beautiful females and all the beer u can drink for just $2 each and also $10 dances! I very advise gaining a dance from the beautiful Ms. Rachel ;)

Got robbed by the club for 71$Servers & bartenders are not experienced enough to handle tabs.orderd fron server 2 ipas and 1 redbull at $6ea.was charged someone els tab on my card for 89$ ..Last night one wk later on i went in to let manager recognize i was never provided earlier my remoney ..she shelp have actually the bank offer it back to me its a financial institution problem .Worst guest business ever every time i have gone.I only come right here to support my frifinish that works tright here wont ever go ago ..

This area is exceptional. Good customer organization. Top dancers: Kel-C, Natasha. Good music. Wednesdays are the finest.

Anya is the many bootilicious dancer that youve ever before viewed. You have to hear this womans laugh, ask her to say boner. Shell make you feel so good.

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Tuesday nite....not great. Girls doing 1 or 2 song sets. Not reflecting anything until they obtain some money... nor a good nite to be below... prolly a good area through more urged girls on F or Sat. Nites... .