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Firmin: (Spoken)Monsieur Andre!Andre: (Spoken)Monsieur Firmin!Firmin:Dear Andre, what a splendid partyAndre:The prelude to a bappropriate brand-new yearFirmin:Quite a night, I"m impressedAndre:Well, one does one"s bestAndre and Firmin:Here"s to usAndre:A toast for the city!Firmin:What a pity that the Phantom can not be here!Chorus/Crowd:Masquerade! /Paper deals with on parade/Masquerade! /Hide your confront so the world will certainly never uncover you/Masquerade! /Eincredibly face a various shade/Masquerade! /Look about, there"s another mask behind you.Flash of mauve/Splash of puce/Fool and also king/Ghoul and also goose/Eco-friendly and also black/Queen and priest/Trace of rouge/Face of beast/Faces!/Take your revolve, take a ride/On the merry-go-round/in an inhuman race/Eye of gold/True is false/Who is who?/Curl of lip/Swirl of gown/Ace of hearts/Face of clown/Faces!/Drink it in, drink it up/Till you"ve drowned/In the light/In the sound/But that have the right to name the face?Masquerade! /Grinning yellows, spinning reds/Masquerade! /Take your fill, let the spectacle astound you/Masquerade! /Burning glances, turning heads/Masquerade!/Sheight and stare at the sea of smiles roughly you/Masquerade!/Seepoint shadows breapoint lies/Masquerade!/You deserve to fool any kind of friend that ever before kbrand-new you/Masquerade!/Leering satyrs, peering eyes/Masquerade!/Run and hide, but a challenge will still go after you.Carlotta:What a night!FirminWhat a crowd!Andre:Makes you gladFirminMakes you proud! All the crème, De la crèmeMadame giry: (Overlapping)Watching us....Meg (Overlapping)Watching themCarlotta: (Overlapping)All our fears are in the pastAndre:Three monthsPiangi:Of relief!Carlotta:Of delight!AndreOf Elysian peace!PiangiAnd we have the right to breathe at last.Carlotta:No even more notesPiangi:No even more ghostMadame Giry:Here"s a healthAndreHere"s a toast, to a thriving yearFirmin:To our friends that are herePiangi and Carlotta:And may the splendor never before fade!Firmin/Andre:What a blessed release!Madame Giry:And what a masquerade!Christine:Think of it(Spoken)A key engagement. Look, your future bride. Just think of it.Raoul: (Spoken)But, why is it secret? What have actually we to hide? You promised me.Christine: (Spoken)No, Raoul, please do not, they"ll watch.Raoul: (Spoken)Well then let them check out. It"s an engagement, not a crime.(Sung)Christine, what are you afrassist of?Christine(and also Raoul in parenthesis):Let"s not argue(Let"s not argue)/Please pretfinish (I have the right to just hope)/You will certainly understand also in time (I"ll understand also in time)Chorus/Crowd:Masquerade!/Paper deals with on parade/Masquerade!/Hide your challenge so the people will never uncover you/Masquerade!/Eextremely face a different shade/Masquerade!/Look about, there"s an additional mask behind you/Masquerade!/Burning glances, turning heads/Masquerade!/Speak and also stare at the sea of smiles roughly you/Masquerade!/Grinning yellows, Spinning reds/Masquerade!/Take your fill, let the spectacle astound you.(Voices fade and turn to gasps as th lights dim and also the Phantom appears at the height of th stairways)Phantom:Why so silent, great Messieurs?/Did you think that I had left you for good?/Have you missed me, great Messieurs?/I have created you an opera./Here, I lug the finiburned score./Don Juan Triumphant!/Fondest greetings to you all/A few instructions just prior to rehearsal starts/Carlotta must be taught to act/Not her normal trick of strutting round the stage/Our Don Juan have to lose some weight/It"s not healthy and balanced in a male of Piangi"s age/And my supervisors must learn that their location is in an office/Not the arts/As for our star, Miss Christine Daae...No doubt she"ll do her best/It"s true, her voice is good/She knows, though/Should she wish to excell/She has a lot still to learn/If pride will let her return to me, her teacher/Her teacher...Phantom:Your chains are still mine,(spoken)You belengthy to me!(The Phantom runs to the middle of the stairway and disshows up into the floor covert by fire. Raoul jumps intoo the hole in the floor via sword in hand also and also the floor closes again)