The Proven Strategy That Will Lead to the Career You Love

How do you make your dream job a reality? That"s the aim of the Proximity Principle."The Proximity Principle" is that you find opportunities to do what you love by getting around the right people and being in the right places. This is more than moving to Hollywood if you want to be an actor or to Silicon Valley if you want to start a tech firm. You also have to apply the right practices to make great connections happen.To activate the Proximity Principle, all you have to do is ask yourself three questions:Who do I need to know?Where do I need to be?What do I need to start doing?
Every one of us wants to do work that matters — work that aligns with our personal values, talents, and passions. Work that makes a difference in the world. Yet 70 percent of employees report they are completely dissatisfied with their current work situation. Seventy percent! That means millions of people face each day with zero desire or excitement about their jobs. The beautiful thing about The Proximity Principle is that it works. And it keeps on working for as long as you work it. If you want a new job, it works. If you want to change careers, it works. Even if you’re already working in the right field and you just want to get to the next level, The Proximity Principle works. Ken Coleman
1. The Right People.

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The people who can help you land your dream job are out there working hard at this minute. They"re focused on their own careers but if you can find them and get some of their time, they can make some impressive opportunities open up for you. You just have to find a way to convince them to help you on your journey.
By and large, there are five specific types of people who can help you and who you should try and interact with:2. The Right Places. You don"t learn to climb a mountain by going straight to the summit. Instead you trek into the foothills and go to the basecamp where you acclimatize, organize your gear and check the weather. Once everything aligns you then set out to summit. It"s the same with your career and getting your dream job. You"ll need some places to practice and learn first away from the limelight.
In practice, there are five places you will need on your climb to your dream job:3.

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The Right Practices.
Once you know who you need to be around and where you need to put yourself, the final challenge is to just do it! You have to put your stake in the ground and make the right things happen.
To stop dreaming about your dream job and start doing something about getting it, apply these four principles: