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1Which of the adhering to is not among the components that recognize whether competitive rivalry among market members is solid, modeprice, or weak?
A)Whether buyer demand for the product is growing promptly or slowly
B)Whether customers" prices to switch brands is low or high
C)How active market rivals are in initiating fresh competitive moves and in utilizing the assorted tools of competition to improve their market standing and organization performance
D)Whether tbelow are few or many type of rival sellers and whether there are huge distinctions in their sizes and also competitive capabilities
E)Whether sector members are vertically incorporated and also whether the industry is characterized by significant range economies and rapid technological change
2The rivalry among completing sellers in an market intensifies
A)once buyer demand for the product is flourishing swiftly.
B)once customers are brand loyal and their costs to switch to contending brands or substitute commodities are reasonably high.
C)as soon as buyer demand also is strong and also sellers have actually little bit or no excess capacity and only minimal inventories.
D)as the number of rivals rises and also as they become more equal in dimension and also competitive capability.
E)when the products of rival sellers are highly identified products and also the market is composed of so many rivals that any kind of one company"s actions have little bit straight influence on rivals" service.
3Competitive pressures associated with the danger of brand-new entrants flourish stronger when
A)buyer demand also is growing progressively and the pool of entry candidates is small.
B)the variety of customers for the industry"s product is big and also the product offerings of rival sellers are strongly differentiated.
C)market members are looking to expand their market reach by entering product segments or geographical locations where they currently carry out not have actually a existence, once existing market members are unable or unwilling to strongly challenge the enattempt of newcomers, and also once a newcomer can sensibly expect to earn attrenergetic earnings.
D)tright here are not many rivals already in the industry, their products are very identified, and buyers are brand loyal.
E)a tiny portion of carriers in the industry are presently earning above-average earnings, enattempt obstacles are high, and also buyers are not brand loyal.
4Which of the adhering to problems mainly raise the obstacles to entering an industry?
A)Low levels of brand also loyalty on the part of customers and also the presence of more than 20 rivals in the industry
B)Rapid industry development, low buyer switching prices, and also weak brand also choices and also customer loyalty
C)Product offerings that are pretty a lot standardized from rival to rival
D)High resources demands, challenges in structure a network of distributors-retailers and also securing adequate space on retailers" shelves, and the likelihood that sector incumbents will strongly challenge the efforts of brand-new entrants to obtain a market foothold
E)The sector is not defined by range economic climates and/or sizable learning/suffer curve effects and few firms in the industry hold key patents and/or possess significant proprietary innovation not conveniently obtainable to a newcomer
5Competitive pressures stemming from substitute assets are weaker when
A)substitutes are higher-priced, buyers do not think substitute commodities have equal or better features, and also buyers" expenses of switching to substitutes are relatively high.
B)the market is composed of a fairly huge number of rival sellers that are sensibly equal in dimension and competitive capcapacity.
C)entry barriers are moderately high however by no means prohibitive and also tright here is a fairly tiny pool of enattempt candidays.
D)a number of customers buy in big volumes and also are in a strong barobtaining position to win concessions from sellers.
E)buyer loyalty to the products they are presently purchasing is fairly low.
6Which of the following is not a factor in determining whether the suppliers to an market are a resource of solid, moderate, or weak competitive pressures?
A)Whether specific necessary inputs are in short supply and whether the item being provided is a traditional commodity that is conveniently available from many kind of service providers at the going sector price
B)Whether it is hard or costly for market members to switch their purchases from one supplier to one more or to switch to attrenergetic substitute inputs
C)Whether industry members are significant customers of service providers and whether suppliers" sales to members of this one market constitute a large portion of their total sales
D)Whether the market supply chain is worldwide or greatly national, whether providers have a large or narrow product line, and also whether sector members location orders frequently or ingenerally through suppliers
E)Whether certain carriers provide a identified input that boosts the performance or high quality of the industry"s product
7Whether the buyers of an industry"s product have actually strong or weak barobtaining leverage over the terms and also problems of sale depends on
A)exactly how regularly that sellers change their prices, exactly how sensitive buyers are to price distinctions among sellers, whether the item being purchased is a good or a business, and also whether buyers buy generally or intypically.
B)the frequency via which rival firms adjust strategies and the amount of heralding that sellers utilize.
C)whether all buyers have actually the same degree of negotiating power, whether the item carries a high or low price tag, and whether tright here are many type of or few collaborative partnerships between sellers and buyers.
D)whether buyers purchase in fairly huge or tiny amounts, whether the prices of switching to competing brands or to substitute products are high or low, and just how well increated buyers are about sellers" prices, products, and also prices.
E)whether buyer demand also is seasonal or year-round, whether enattempt obstacles are high or low, and whether competitive pressures from substitutes are solid or weak.
8The task of driving forces evaluation is to
A)identify all the underlying factors that can cause market profitability to climb or fall in the years ahead.
B)predict what brand-new forces of competitive and also market adjust will arise following.
C)recognize which of the 5 competitive forces is the biggest driver of industry readjust.
D)determine which suppliers are being pushed to relocate from one strategic group to one more strategic team.
E)determine what the driving forces are, assess whether the drivers of readjust are, on the totality, acting to make the sector even more or much less attractive, and recognize what strategy alters are necessary to prepare for the impacts of the driving forces.
9Strategic team mapping is a valuable analytical tool for
A)assessing why competitive pressures and driving pressures generally influence the best strategic teams even more so than the smaller teams.
B)determining which companies have how big a competitive advantage and also how excellent their prospects are for increasing their sector shares.
C)determining which company is the the majority of profitable in the market and also why it is doing so well.
D)determining who competes most closely through whom; evaluating whether market driving pressures and competitive pressures favor some strategic teams and hurt others; and also ascertaining whether the profit potential of various strategic groups varies as a result of the toughness and weaknesses in each group"s particular sector positions.
E)pinpointing which of the five competitive forces is the strongest and which is the weakest.
10An industry"s vital success factors
A)can best be identified by studying the methods of those companies in the industry"s finest strategic team and those in the worst strategic group
B)issue the certain strategy elements, product features, sources, competencies, competitive capabilities, and also market success that spell the distinction between being a strong challenger and a weak competitor—and occasionally between profit and also loss.
C)are greatly a role of an industry"s macro-environment and dominant economic features.
D)have the right to best be figured out by identifying the similarities in the techniques of rival companies–those strategy elements that are a lot of commonly uncovered in the strategies of rivals have the right to be taken into consideration vital success determinants.

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E)normally relate to modern technology and manufacturing-related capabilities and also seldom to circulation or marketing capabilities.