Shoe is on the Other Foot Meaning

Definition: The situation has reversed; you and also I have actually traded areas.

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Origin of Shoe is on the Other Foot

This idiom originated in the 1800s. Initially, the precise wording was a little different: the boot is on the various other leg. The principle behind this was related to the feeling of discomfort you would certainly have actually if you put your left shoe on your best foot, and vice versa.

Winston Churchill supplied this original phrasing in 1908 in My Afrihave the right to Journal:

Here…the boot is on the various other leg, and also Civilization is ashamed of her arrangements in the visibility of a savage.

This idiom reflects that transforming positions deserve to be uncomfortable, both through shoes and also other cases. For instance, imagine that you had a powerful position and refused to help someone in a less powerful position. A year later on, that perkid has an extra powerful position than you, and you need that person’s assist. You would certainly most likely feel uncomfortable asking for assistance.

Instances of Shoe is on the Other Foot

This example reflects two college students who are mentioning a challenging assignment that one of them is struggling through.

Frank: I have no principle exactly how to fix this calculus problem. Could you aid me?

Karl: I asked you for help with my Chinese homeoccupational simply yesterday, and you told me you were also busy.

Frank: I’m sorry around that, but I really was too busy. I’ll assist you following time. I promise. Please help me via math.

Karl: Now the shoe is on the other foot. If you wanted assist from me, you should have helped me as soon as I required it.

In this instance, 2 friends are mentioning the advice that among them have to offer her mother.

Lily: My mother is having actually trouble taking care of a friend of hers who is kind of a bully.

Grace: It’s stselection to offer advice to our parental fees, isn’t it? They provided us advice for so many years. I feel weird now that the shoe is on the other foot.

Lily: Yeah, I agree. I’m not certain what to tell her.

More Examples

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The expression the shoe is on the various other foot is another way to say the roles have actually changed so I am in the position you once were, and vice versa.