We visited The Last Jedi at the Chinese theater last night. It’s the first time I’ve been to the Chinese because Pulp Fiction or 12 Monsecrets, and also I feel no pressing urge to go earlier any time quickly. That area of Hollywood is just gross and crowded, like someone took the worst aspects of Times Square in the 70s and currently, put them together, and also focused them right into 2 awful blocks.

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But I digress prior to I also start, because of course I execute.

I loved The Last Jedi. It’s a small long, it has actually some humor that felt a little out of place to me, and also some of the edits were a little jarring, however I am willing to overlook those flaws because it was simply a really fun Star Wars suffer. I felt favor, if I were a kid today, this movie would be my Star Wars, it would certainly the one I would still be talking around in forty years, the way the original Star Wars (that I refusage to speak to ‘episode whatever’) is for me now.

You might need a second to parse that, because I did and also I composed it so go ahead. I’ll wait.

Hi. I’m still here. Glad you are, as well.

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I’m not going to discuss specifics, and also I hope you won’t comment on specifics, either, so civilization who haven’t viewed it yet don’t have to problem about spoilers. But below are some thoughts:

I loved that tright here are so many kind of solid and independent female heroes in Star Wars now. I loved that there are function models for girls the way tright here have actually constantly been for boys, and I love that tright here are world of color the means white dudes have constantly been there. I recognize there’s a type of fan out tright here who will certainly be pissed around me even pointing out this (save fucking that chicken, kiddo!) yet it’s necessary in ways those human being can’t or won’t understand also, and also it made me really, really happy.I loved seeing personalities who were so necessary to me as a child. I teared up a number of times, simply because it felt so excellent to see them again.The fight sequences were amazing. The duels were some of the finest lightsaber fights I’ve ever checked out.The Porgs are adorable and also fun and didn’t upcollection or annoy me the way literally everything in that goddamn Jar Jar movie did. I can’t wait to go buy a small Porg plushie.The themes of resistance and hope and the refusal to give up in the challenge of overwhelming odds felt incredibly timely, but also timeless. I loved that that message is tright here for anyone that desires to hear it.I discussed that it’s a little lengthy. At almost 3 hours, it felt prefer the second and also 3rd components of a trilogy that began via The Force Awakens. I don’t think that’s a negative thing, just an observation.I can’t wait to go watch it again. It remained in 3D, which I didn’t recognize prior to we obtained right into the theater, and I’d choose to watch it without having actually to wear smudgy glasses that were difficult to clean. I don’t think it required to be in 3D, but that can simply be my deep-seated aversion to 3D. I’m going to say 3D another time: 3D (yes, that was two even more times. Settle dvery own, Francis.)It was a delightful surprise to watch Captain EO in the movie. I didn’t suppose that, and the CG was kind of significant. that didn’t really happen i simply wanted to see if you were paying attention.

Oh, and you most likely currently recognize this, however I went in costume: