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a game by Telltale, Inc
Platforms: XBox 360, Android, COMPUTER, Playstation 3
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 evaluation
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 3 votes
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Walking Dead: Episode 2 – Starved for Assistance is the second installment in Telltale Game"s episodic adundertaking game based on the hit television display. In the game, you play as Lee, a man that escapes from a police vehicle at the begin of the zombie apocalypse. After browsing roughly tvery own, Lee discovers Clementine, a young girl via absent parents, frightened of the zombies external her door. Taking Clementine under his wing, Lee attempts to navigate the terrifying and also deadly new people outdoors. Episode 2 picks up 3 months after the zombie outbreak, through Lee and Clementine now attached up via a group of survivors. Food offers are dwindling, tbelow is no even more electricity, and also the team has begun to fight among themselves. Uncertain of wright here to go following, Lee and also the group must perserious or perish.

Key Video Game Features

Exploration and quick-time-event gameplayMoral decisions that change the storyDramatic and also scary plot


Like the first episode of The Walking Dead game, Episode 2 – Starved for Aid puts players in the shoes of Lee, a paternal number with authority trying to make it through in a zombie apocalypse. Lee"s most important task is to store Clementine safe, whether from the shambling undead or other despeprice survivors. At the beginning of Episode 2, Lee and also Clementine are shacked up at a motor inn through the remainder of their team, trying to number out just how to ration their remaining food. Just as points seem exceptionally dire, two brothers arrive at the motor inn in search of gasoline, supplying food and also sanctuary in rerotate. Although the market appears also great to be true, Lee and the rest of the group head to the farm in an effort to endure. Throughout the episode, Lee have to make difficult choices as characters reveal their true nature, causing a violent and upsetting narrative experience.


The episode Walking Dead game is a mixture of allude "n click adventuring and also quick-time-occasion activity, as players control Lee as he explores miscellaneous environments. Apart from some open locations that need you to check out, the gameplay is mainly linear, guiding players dvery own the main narrative route. As you progression through the episode, you"ll have to discuss points through various other survivors, fight off zombies, and also make life-or-death decisions via limited time. Tright here are a couple of puzzles to resolve, which require players to find specific objects and also incorporate them with pieces of the atmosphere, but these puzzles are frequently straightforward and simple to number out.


The primary focus of The Walking Dead"s gameplay is to put the player in tough cases wright here anxiety is high, forcing them to make challenging judgment calls. While the game is arguably slow-paced at times, tbelow are plenty of frightening and action-packed sequences that will certainly sudepend obtain you on the edge of your seat.

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If you"re a fan of the Walking Dead tv display or various other point "n click adundertaking games choose The Wolf Among Us, Telltale"s Batguy, or Minecraft Story Mode, you"ll absolutely reap this horror-themed journey. It"s far more violent and also significant than some of Telltale"s other games, so those who are grossed out by gore could want to pass this one up. That sassist, The Walking Dead is just one of the many interesting and also intriguing adendeavor games in a lengthy time, helping to re-create the allude "n click genre. Usually speaking, if you choose serious storytelling and zombies, this game will certainly hit the right spots. Just make sure you play Episode 1 – A New Day first.


Excellent characters and voice-actingBrutal violenceChoices are challenging to make and also feel consequential


Gameplay feels repetitive at timesNot sufficient puzzlesSomewhat predictable