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Alek was initially introduced after Ezekiel and also Carol went on a run to a movie theater. Jackkid Lee Davis/AMC

We barely acquired to recognize anypoint around Alek. All we kbrand-new was that he was a member of the Highwayguys team. You might not have actually even realized his name was Alek.

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He was among the teens at the Hilltop. Jace Downs/AMC

That"s what happens as soon as you peer push Henry right into drinking and then lie to Lydia saying that Henry has a thing for another girl.


Addy was more than likely the nicest out of the Hilltop teenagers. Jace Downs/AMC

Addy had a point for Henry. Unfortunately for her, Henry was currently taken and with Lydia. We never before really had sufficient time to acquire to recognize Addy, yet she seemed favor a good enough egg. At leastern she acquired to die via Henry?


Ed as he spots a walker exterior his tent in seaboy one's fourth episode. Netflix/AMC

When a team of the undead suddenly wandered right into camp, Ed was the first to go. After viewers observed his abusive tendencies to Carol firsthand, many would likely agree he had to go.

Tammy Rose joined the display on seakid nine. Jackkid Lee Davis/AMC

Brett Butler shelp on "Talking Dead" she knew from the moment she was cast she would certainly die on the pikes. Her pike death was the only one that was the exact same from the comics.

Tammy Rose"s enhancement to the display from the comics really didn"t perform anything for us. Show-only viewers likely wondered why the present bothered including even more extraneous characters so late in the display to an already bloated cast if they were only to mostly end up being background personalities, as was the situation via Tammy Rose.

65. Ozzy led the charge on the Whisperers to conserve those kidnapped at the fair and also wound up through his head on a pike, also.

We barely kbrand-new you Ozzy, however you seemed swell. Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

We didn"t acquire to understand the leader of the Highwaymales a lot and that"s as well poor. He seemed prefer he would have been a fun enhancement to the Kingdom.

Ozzy didn"t even get to watch that movie owed to him at the fair. He put his life on the line to skip the film and also he phelp the price. He was loyal to the finish. What a guy.

Frankie was among Negan's many kind of wives who Eugene befrifinished in the time of his time at the Sanctuary. Gene Page/AMC

We really haven"t watched much of Frankie considering that her time on seakid eight as soon as she was holed up at the Sanctuary. Her death really didn"t hit us that tough bereason we never before invested that a lot time through her.

Dr. Edwin Jenner spoke with Rick before his death in the seachild one finale. AMC screencap

With his pessimistic outlook on life, tright here wasn"t a possibility Jenner would certainly be aroundfor lengthy. Due to the fact that Jenner said tright here was no hope to produce a cure for the virus, viewers most likely weren"t surprised to check out he remained ago for the blast after letting everyone else go.

62. The Governor's researcher, Milton Mamet, was stabbed by his ally after trying to save Andrea and her friends.

Milton before and also after he turned into a walker in the seakid 3 finale. AMC

Milton spent his time on the display teetering between good anadversary. When hechose to revolve on his leader and also warn Andrea his group was planning to wage war on Rick, Milton phelp dearly for his betrayal.

While we may have well-known Milton"s time was coming, we didn"t intend him to go down attempting to kill the Governor just to be brutally stabbed in return.

61. Andrea's sister, Amy, passed away after a walker surprised her as she was coming out of Dale's RV.

Amy after she turned in seaboy one, episode four. AMC

Watching Andreanot know how to take care of the sudden loss of the sister she wanted to defend was one of the initially season"s a lot of tender moments. It carried over right into the next episode as soon as Andrea stayed by her side untilshe turned right into one of the undead.

Amy"sfatality played out almost precisely the very same way as it did in the comic, so it wasn"t also a lot of a surprise for fans.

60. Carol's previous mini-flame Tobin died after he was stabbed by a weapon soaked in walker guts.

For all the means to die on "The Walking Dead," this was a pretty lame method to go. Sorry, Tobin. Gene Page/AMC

Eversince Carol up and left Tobin on season six, we weren"t certain if we"d watch the 2 reconnect. It took a knife to the gut for Carol to pertained to his side. When Tobin was gaining some added screen time through Carol, we had a feeling points were going to go south for him and they quickly did.

If Tobin was even more than a recurring background character, we would have actually been a little bit even more shocked by his death. But because he popped up through a few lines of dialogue just to be eliminated off later in the exact same episode, it appears prefer the present was finding a method to tie up one more loose finish.

There was no means Sam was making it out alive after whimpering "mom" in a crowd of walkers at the finish of the seachild six mid-seachild finale. He perimelted easily in seaboy six's mid-season premiere. AMC

Sam had to have been one of the a lot of disliked personalities in the show"s history. His phobia of reality made him a nuisance to the team and a pain to watch on TV. It"s no wonder the display axed him by having actually him take Ron"s fate from the comic series.

After every one of his concerns, people were begging for him to go, however he wasn"t the just character fans were excited to view die.

58. Ron Anderboy, that had actually just acquired over his problems with Carl, was likewise eaten and killed by walkers.

Ron Anderchild just before he was struck by walkers in seakid six's mid-seakid premiere. Netflix/AMC

Ron was a little of a loosened cannon and, like his brother, was not specifically well-chosen among fans. It made sense for the display to kill him off in the exact same episode.

Brandon was killed on seakid 10, episode 5 of "TWD." AMC

From the minute that Brandon revealed himself to be #TeamNegan, we didn"t think he was going to make it to the end of the episode alive. He was pushing Negan"s buttons method too difficult by trying to impush him and also seemed choose a loosened cannon. Plus, he does not make it out alive in the comics.

What we didn"t check out coming was that Brandon was going to kill an innocent mom and son, leading Negan to bash his brains in via a rock.

56. Ex Savior D.J. passed away trying to save the kidnapped civilization from the fair. He discovered himself on a pike, too.

We constantly thought D.J. sort of resembled the Brawny man. We're going to miss out on this gorgeous Savior. Gene Page/AMC

We ranked D.J. a little higher because he"s had actually even more screen time than some of the other survivors. He"s remained in the background, yet has actually constantly been on the front lines in the apocalypse after defecting from the Saviors. We were sorry to view him go.

Earl kbrand-new he had to die on seachild 10, episode 12 in order for the survival of the following generation. Jace Downs/AMC

Earl Sutton overstayed his welcome on "The Walking Dead," so we weren"t surprised to watch him go. He was a background character that was included to the present in a nod to the comics without also a lot to do various other thanregularly repeat that the Whisperers were awful and also essential to be eliminated. We gain it. Earl"s child was bitten by a walker and his wife, Tammy, was brutally murdered by Alpha.

Earl ended up being a little more bearable once he absorbed baby Adam. He won us over even more in his final moments as soon as he put his life on the line to conserve the kids in his area. He put their lives before his. When he knew he was little, he ensured their survival by attempting to put himself dvery own. He didn"t quite obtain it ideal, as he reanimated and Judith was required to take him out, yet we salute the initiative. Would any kind of of us really be able to end our own stays with nopoint yet a pike to drive our heads into? Maybe not.

Still, Earl retained Judith and also the youngsters safe, so he does not quite make the bottom of the list. His death was meaningful.

54. Mays was betrayed by Father Gabriel simply as the unsavory survivor appeared to be turning over a new leaf.

Robert Patrick guest-starred on seakid 10, episode 19 of "TWD," holding Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) and Aaron (Ross Marquand) at gunpoint. Josh Stringer/AMC

The "Terminator 2" actor was swiftly killed by Gabe after it appeared he and Aaron may permit Mays to rerotate back to Alexandria with them.

Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) justified killing Mays to a horrified Aaron (Ross Marquand) — who had just told Mays he need to trust them — claiming they couldn"t take him through them when he killed his brother"s family members. (Of course, we later learned that that wasn"t actually the case. Mays" brother was alive in a crawl room. Whoops!)

Patrick told he believed Father Gabriel made the wrong choice in killing his character. But, look — there"s no method you"re ever acquiring a 2nd chance if you have actually Father Gabe at the wrong end of a gun.

Mays isn"t greater on our list bereason we simply didn"t have enough time to acquire to recognize the character. We also weren"t that shocked that Father Gabe tricked Mays. Gabriel has prstove time and also time aacquire he"ll make the tough calls if it indicates protecting his household in Alexandria.

Furthermore, we hoped that Patrick may stick roughly for more than one episode as the potential leader of a new villain group — the Ravagers — that are after Maggie"s survivors.

Gareth was beaten to fatality by Rick in seakid five, episode 3. Gene Page/AMC

Tbelow wasn"t a opportunity in the world Rick would have let anyone from Terminus live if he gained his hands on them. Gareth"s death can have been gruesome, yet many type of human being would most likely agree it was well-deserved after he ate Bob"s leg.

52. Spencer Monroe's fatality was pulled directly from the comic series as soon as he was gutted by Negan.

Spencer Monroe after being sliced open by Negan in seakid salso, episode eight. AMC

Spencer had actually it coming and everyone watching kbrand-new it. The showinvested nearlyan entire episode establishing himup to die, which is why many human being weren"t as well taken aback. His character likewise died the exact same means in the comic series, so there wasn"t a large surprise tbelow for the a lot of devoted of fans.

51. Oceanside member Beatrice was ripped acomponent on the seachild 10 finale by Beta's army of the undead.

Beatrice was on "TWD" from season seven, episode 6 through the seakid 10 finale. She was the Oceanside member who wanted to kill Tara when she uncovered their community. Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

Daryl shelp everyone wasn"t going to make it through Beta"s herd of walkers and also Beatrice was the unlucky survivor to obtain consumed alive.

Though Beatrice"s death was pretty brutal — we watched walkers tear her acomponent in among the grisliest deaths in some time — it was hard to feel too upcollection or shocked by her loss. Unless you"ve been keeping close tabs on the minor characters on the present, you might have actually watched the episode wondering that Beatrice was during her death scene.

We gain it. Not just was this the first substantial minute in which we were seeing Beatrice all season, but the last time she had any real air time was in the background of seakid nine, episode 5, which aired in November 2018.

The worst part about Beatrice"s fatality was that as she cried out to Carol for assist or to take the supply backload, Carol continued calmy forward without daring to look ago. She kbrand-new she couldn"t look ago or she"d put herself in hazard, but that was cold.

Carson picked the wrong time to be a hero in seakid eight, episode 11. Gene Page/AMC

We figured the medical professional might not make it back to the Hilloptimal in one piece, however we didn"t intend his fatality to come at the hands of the Saviors after he endured acquiring his foot stuck in a bear trap.

Carson got a little also confident after he and Gabriel had a number of strokes of luck.Unfortunately for the physician, his luck ran out.

Deanna lays in bed as she suffers from a wound in the mid-season finale of seakid six. Netflix/AMC

In spite of being an excellent leader, Deanna didn"t specifically have actually what it took to save her area aliveexternal of theircomfortable walls. Some viewers might have supposed her to last a little much longer, yet a power battle between Rick and also anyone else most likely wouldn"t have actually functioned. At leastern she obtained to godown fighting.

Gage outlived all of his friends and was eliminated on season 11, episode 2. AMC

We"ve been waiting for Gage to kick the bucket for a while, so we can not say we"re entirely shocked to watch him go. (Reminder: Gage was the son who bullied Henry and also then participated in beating up Lydia last season.)

He"s continued to be a bit of a jerk on the show. On the seakid 11 premiere, Gage selfishly abandoned the team, stealing their supplies and also only returning as soon as he was in trouble. You can say karma caught up through him, yet it was pretty shocking to watch as Maggie refoffered to save the child that was trapped in a locked submethod car as a group of the undead gradually made their way to him.

Gage told off Maggie and shockingly stabbed himself a couple of times prior to the dead started ripping him open. Tright here haven"t been too many type of spooky deaths on the series, yet Gage"s was one of the cooler ones cinematically, feeling prefer a moment out of a horror movie. The above photo is fairly haunting.

Gage then obtained a 2nd death after returning as a walker. His fatality isn"t ranked better since we intended to check out him go at some suggest and given that it reminded us a little bit of Noah"s death wright here he was similarly torn acomponent by the undead on seachild five.

Simon's death ultimately taken place on season eight, episode 15. Gene Page/AMC

We kbrand-new Simon"s days were numbered after he went behind Negan"s earlier and had everyone at the junkyard eliminated. But it wasn"t particular how Negan would take him out.

We believed Simon would certainly have got a more violent death instead of one of honor wright here the two dealt with to the fatality.Now, he"s living out the rest of his days as a walker chained to the Sanctuary.

46. Michonne was compelled to kill her old frifinish, Jocelyn, when she endangered the lives of herself, Judith, and her unborn son.

Rutina Wesley showed up as a unique guest-star on "The Walking Dead." AMC

It was a large surpclimb when Rutina Wesley confirmed up on "The Walking Dead" as among Michonne"s closet college friends. It was a bigger surprise when things easily took a dark rotate and also Jocelyn betrayed that friendship just to steal the kids of Alexandria for her own survival in the zombie apocalypse.

We didn"t rank this death greater because as soon as Jocelyn"s true motives were revealed, it ended up being clear she necessary to go. Who forgets their humanity so much that you think it"s ever OK to brand someone that was cshed to you? It was kill or be killed as Michonne was required to stab Jocelyn in the chest or threat the possibility of shedding Judith and her unborn child. It was an unthinkable decision and destructive to watch. It was a reminder that when it involves survival, the scariest point in the zombie apocalypse may not be the undead.

Robert Patrick played a 2nd, unnamed character, that went by "Scraggly Man," according to products on AMC's push website. Josh Stringer/AMC

One of "TWD"s" best surprises in a while was learning that Robert Patrick was cast on the present to play twin brothers. The second brother, who was revealed late on seachild 10, episode 19, was locked in a crawl room compelled to live out his days.

When Aaron and Gabriel invited him to come back to Alexandria, he chose to heartbreakingly take his very own life instead.It was shocking, butwe kbrand-new through one seakid left to go that "TWD" most likely wasn"t going to lug on an additional recurring actor.

The Governor prior to he was stabbed by Michonne in the seachild four mid-seachild finale. Gene Page / AMC

The Governorhad actually to seek ruthlessly killing Maggie"s father Hershel in front of everyone.While you might have actually jumped once Michonne drove her katana with the Governor, his deathwas even more satisfying than surpincreasing,particularly as soon as his girlfriend Lily sealed his fate by shooting him in the head.

T-Dog gets bit by a walker on the shoulder in the time of seaboy three, episode four. Netflix/AMC

Regardless of being an original actors member, T-Dog wasn"t exactly a major character in the series. While many type of supposed him to part ways through the display ultimately, it was slightly surpincreasing to check out him sacrifice his life after gettingbit toconserve Carol fromwalkers.

It"s more surprising to learn that the show actually thought about killing Carol in that minute instead of T-Dog.

Henry remained in Alpha's sights after he went after her daughter, Lydia. Gene Page/AMC

Henry"s death was a big readjust up from the comics as he took over King Ezekiel"s death. We were much less shocked to view Henry die since his story has actually focused greatly about dodging the Whisperers after he persuaded Alpha"s daughter, Lydia, to ditch her old life in the communities. His time was up. You can not escape them forever before.

Matt Lintz told he was happy his last look at Alpha in the barn prior to his fatality made it right into the episode. The moment carried his story full circle.

Lizzie talking to Carol in seachild four, episode 14 prior to her fatality. Gene Page/AMC

People didn"t mean Lizzieto last long at all after she stabbed her sisterand nearly killed Judith. Fans still weren"t expecting the heavy scene that came when Carol took the girl out to a field Old Yellerstyleand also told her to look at the flowers while shooting her dead.

David simply prior to he was stabbed in the neck by Negan in seaboy seven, episode 15. AMC

While David"s death was adapted directly from the comic, it wasn"t one we were expecting to view play out almost frame by frame.

For those who aren"t fans of Negan, it might have been a surpclimb to see him kill one of his very own guys for attempting to rape Sasha. In spite of havingseveral wives, the majority of of whom don"t even desire to be married to him, Negan is adamant on his stance about his men committing rape.

Jessie Anderkid and her son, Sam, prior to they were consumed by walkers in the seakid six mid-seakid premiere. AMC

The only member of the Anderboy family members that had actually the slightest chance of making it through external of Alexandria was Jessie. Unfortunately, she refoffered to let go of her dying son"s hand and was dragged down right into a throng of hungry zombies as well.

This can have actually come as a shock to somegiven that her partnership withRick wassimply starting to kindle. In the end, she met the exact same death as her character in the comic series.

A Savior points a gun at Ricdifficult prior to shooting past him at Benjamin in seaboy salso, episode 13. Gene Page/AMC

Benjamin was just starting to obtain amazing once he was swarm by the Saviors. He had his entirety life ahead of him and was working via Morgan as a mentee much choose exactly how Morgan functioned through his frifinish Eastmale. When Benwas swarm instead of Richard it wasn"t only shocking, it was sad.

Agatha was eaten alive on season 11, episode three. Josh Stringer/AMC

Agatha"s (Laurie Fortier) fatality may not have come as a large surpincrease since she joined the series for its final season; but, we were shocked at how many kind of walkers were offered to take her down.

Because the present has filmed throughout the pandemic, we thought we might not view deaths like this again on "TWD" for a bit. Seeing an action scene through so many type of walkers on site made it feel choose we were watching the older days of the display.

Agatha"s death scene gets some bonus points for a fun behind-the-scenes detail: One of the walkers who bites her is played by "TWD" executive producer and also one-of-a-kind effects supervisor, Greg Nicotero.

It was additionally made a lot sadder once Fortier told us that Agatha and Dunhave the right to (that additionally died on seakid 11, episode 3) were a couple and also that Agatha felt choose she had nopoint left in the people after his death.

"When he dies, then it"s kind of prefer, "I have nopoint else to live for,"" Fortier told "So of course it would make feeling in that moment that I would sacrifice myself so Maggie can acquire ameans."

You can review even more on how Agatha"s death scene came together below.

Nicholas prepares to shoot himself in seakid 6, episode 3. Gene Page/AMC

Nicholasinstraight eliminated a pair of world because of his own overwhelming fear, so it wasn"t a surpincrease that he took his very own life after obtaining trapped by a hoards of walkers. It was a surpclimb he chose to actually go and do itafter Glenn stuck his neck out for him so many kind of times.

The actual shock was that he took Glenn dvery own via him. The bigger shock? That the showrunners tortured fans through a "did they? didn"t they?" death scene cliffhanger for Glenn which frustratingly lasted several episodes.

Beta offered himself to his herd of guardians in his final moments. Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

We weren"t expecting Beta to make it through the seakid 10 finale. Now, that we recognize the display is heading right into its last 11th seachild, the Whisperer War had actually to pertained to an end sooner or later on. We simply believed Beta would go out through even more of a bang.

The moment Negan, Daryl, and Beta were all on display screen together, the scene was over secs after it began. It was a little of a frustrating moment for fans who were waiting to see the 3 (who are great friends in real life) have a little battle royale play out on display screen.

"The reality that we didn"t really gain a firm actual excellent scene together, I think, we were sad about that," Ryan Hurst told

On afterdisplay "Talking Dead," Hurst sassist it was Normale Reedus" concept to stab Beta in the eyes and also obtain it over through instead of having a lengthy, attracted out fight.

Honestly? The the majority of shocking point about Beta"s fatality was just how quick it was.

Read more: The greatest moment of "The Walking Dead" finale was shockingly brief. The showrunner and also star understand fans might be a little bit frustrated.

Otis fights off walkers minutes prior to Shane betrays him in seachild 2, episode 3. Netflix/AMC

It"s not simply the undead you have to watch out for in the zombie apocalypse. Shane swarm Otisin the leg and left him fora team of walkers so he can make an escape.

Otis" death was so shocking because many kind of believed Shane wouldn"t bequalified of somepoint so brutal. Otis didn"t go down without a fight — he tore out a chunk of Shane"s hair — which made watching him gain torn apartthat a lot more upsetting.

Did you also notification Laura was definitively eliminated by Beta? AMC

You might not have also noticed this fatality.

Beta tossed Laura about violently in the community"s jail cell, leaving her motionless on the floor. However before, it wasn"t clear once Beta left whether or not Laura was alive or dead.Her fate wasn"t clear until after-display "Talking Dead" evidenced it following the episode. The character verified up on the show"s "In Memoriam" area.

Laura came a lengthy means after beginning out on the show as among Negan"s Saviors. She rereputed herself by becoming a loyal member of Alexandria. She didn"t hesitate to fight Beta when he threatened the community.

We were a little surprised to watch Laura go from her injuries, especially in an episode wbelow Daryl and Alpha appeared to survive, what must have most likely been, wounds that would certainly have actually eliminated anyone else.

Tara has been a component of the display for 3 periods. On "Talking Dead," she said she only expected to be on the display for 3 episodes. Gene Page/AMC

We were absolutely surprised Tara took Rosita"s comic death, but Tara hasn"t been provided too much to carry out this seachild. She was type of taking over the Hilloptimal in Maggie and Jesus" lack, however then Daryl stepped in when the Whisperers confirmed up at the area.

Mika was killed in seachild 4, episode 14. Gene Page/AMC

Lizzie was plainly a tortured young girl, yet nobody supposed to check out her standing over her dead sister and also Judith with a knife in her hand also. Luckily, Judith left the scene unhequipped. Mika acquired the short end of the stick and was gruesomelymurdered by her older sister, proving that the showrunners have exceptionally few borders.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan's real-life wife, Hilarie Burton, joined the cast of "TWD" to carry Lucille to life. Josh Stringer/AMC

Lucille"s fatality wasn"t shocking. Comic fans have actually waited to watch this death play out on display given that the 2017 graphic novel "Here"s Negan" debuted. But little might prepare fans for the emotional gut punch that came with the show"s twist on adapting the character to display screen.

In the comics, we bacount gain to know Lucille. Here, the present made Lucille right into a full-fledged badass character fans might loss in love through before tearing her amethod from viewers in an extra coherent moment than her quick hospital bed death in the graphic novel.

The present presented her as a fighter until her exceptionally last breath who went out on her very own terms and wasn"t characterized by her condition. She overdosed on some of her own pills so her husband, Negan, might speak feeling prefer he essential to make it his life"s mission to treatment for her throughout the zombie apocalypse.

29. Bob Stookey had his leg chopped off and also consumed by Terminus citizens, yet it was a walker bite that ultimately killed him.

Bob Stoocrucial reveals his bite wound in seakid 5, episode three. Gene Page/AMC

Bob absolutely didn"t play a pivotal role in the team, but his connection via Sasha and as a whole kick-butt mentality was gold. After making it out of Terminus aliveand also reuniting through the group, it was pretty upsettingthat he had to go so quickly.

At least he gained his revenge by letting the cannibals eat tainted meat prior to he went —a story line taken from Dale"s character in the comic series.

Dante was killed on season 10, episode eight, "The World Before." Jace Downs/AMC

We didn"t think Dante was going to last lengthy after it was revealed he was a Whisperer mole on the show, however we didn"t expect Father Gabe (Seth Gilliam) to go to tvery own on the spy.

Gabriel brutally stabbed Dante at leastern 15 times on the "Walking Dead" mid-season finale in his prison cell. On "Talking Dead," Gilliam shelp "he made a decision going in tright here that he was going to finish this specific threat and also silence this Whisperer forever before."

"We think that he felt favor he might have actually screwed up in hesitating to act about Negan," showrunner Angela Kang told of Gabriel"s decision to kill Dante.

"The night that he took to think around what have to Negan"s fate be, which is fair and ideal, that it led to an opening where Negan escaped," Kang added. "I think in the moment he"s reacting to the fact that Dante has actually eliminated a beloved member of his neighborhood and his very own household, and he kind of swings in the various other direction."

Maggie was done with Gregory's nonsense on the "Walking Dead" seaboy nine premiere. She verified she's not a womale to cross. Jackchild Lee Davis/AMC

Maggie has a zero-tolerance policy with anyone threatening the life of her or her child, Hershel. After providing Gregory numerous opportunities, he went as well far as soon as he tried to have Maggie murdered and consequently pulled a knife on her himself.

While we were surprised to check out Gregory go on the premiere episode,we can not put him higher on this list bereason we weren"t surprised by the decision to kill him off. Gregory"s hanging went down practically exactly as it does in the comics.

Gavin was most likely among the nicest Saviors who was simply trying to make the ideal of a bad case. He would certainly pick a megaphone over a gun any type of day. Gene Page/AMC

Just when you assumed Mbody organ was about to take one more life— wham! Henry snuck up from behind and drove a spike best through the earlier of Gavin"s neck.

This death was a little bit of a bummer more than an outappropriate shock. Out of all the Saviors, Gavin seemed choose one of the few personalities that would certainly have been able to revolve over a brand-new leaf and also work towards a unified front in between Negan and also Rick"s males that Carl envisioned.

Unlike some of Negan"s various other peak men, Gavin seemed favor the Savior you might reason via the many. Right before his death, he told his males to get Ezekiel a pillow to make him comfortable. Does that sound choose an awful guy?

Enid had been on the display considering that seaboy five. Gene Page/AMC

Enid was the pike death that shocked us the a lot of. We believed her fatality would certainly have actually gone to Alden or a member of Magna"s new team of survivors.

Katelyn Nacon, that plays Enid, told she was surprised her character made it previous season six. She shelp her storyline felt choose it was beginning to have nowhere else to go. The back-half of season nine was really becoming much less about her character as an independent, solid character and also more around a relationship and that bummed her out a small.

"I believed there was going to be some exciting things to come, however I was a little bummed out with the second of the seakid of her just sort of being pumelted down right into a love interemainder role," Nacon told "It"s sad that you have a really solid independent woman character on your display already, however then, you put her storyline so concentrated on a man."

Rick's old partner Shane Walsh prior to he was killed in seakid two, episode 12. Gene Page/AMC

Shane necessary to go. His jealously over his finest friend"s relationship with Rick was sfinishing his character down a grimroute and started to take ameans from the primary point of the display. After the stunt he pulled via Otis, it was only a matter of time.

On the various other hand also, Shane was a huge character in the series, so seeing him ultimately go was a little bit of a shock. Having his previous BFF and also companion stabhim and then watching Carl shoot him in the head at theripe age of 12 didn"t make it any simpler to digest.

23. Merle Dixon was swarm in the heart by The Governor prior to being eliminated for great by his brvarious other Daryl.

Merle Dixon before and also after he turned in seaboy three, episode 15. AMC

Who thought Merle would certainly go back to the show to be such a wickedly great character in the end?

The self-serving brute turned over a new leaf.In his final act, he took out a bunch of the Governor"s guys to safeguard his brother and Rick"s team before getting mercilessly beaten and swarm by the Governor himself. If that didn"t get you, Daryl"s reaction to seeing his zombified brother hit fans hard andgave the human being the renowned Daryl crying meme.

Joe points a gun at Rick prior to the 2 start fighting in the seaboy four finale. Gene Page/AMC

It wasn"t surprising thatRickhad the ability to takeJoe and his merry band also of misfits out. It was more than shocking to watch Rick biteJoe"s neck and rip out his jugular to execute it. Sure, it was directly out of the comics, yet it was still just simple savage.

RIP you gorgeous CG tiger, you. AMC

Yes, Shiva"s fatality was sad and a nod to her last moments in the comic; yet, it was basic to view this fatality coming.

It"s been hinted at because San Diego Comic-Con"s seaboy eight trailer for the display. The night of her significant farewell, you could feel the present prepping for her fatality by having actually Ezekiel provide one last big monologue about how a lot the tiger expected to him. By the moment she showed up to conserve Ezekiel at the episode"s end you currently felt like you knewwhat was coming. Plus, it didn"t seem prefer the display might keep up via the CG of maintaining the character about forever before.

Glenn prior to he gets beaten to a pulp by Negan. AMC

This was most likely the worst preserved trick in the show"s history. After Glenn"s dumpster debacle previously in seakid six, it felt choose the present repetitively teased his potential fatality. Yet, his lifenever before really felt in jeopardy bereason huge fans of the comic series were expecting Glenn"s iconic comic fatality to involved fruition as soon as Negan gotten in the show.

By the time the seakid salso premiere rolled around many type of fans weren"t also shocked that Glenn was one of the characters to obtain a bat to the head. Glenn"s fate might have matched the comic series, but after the showrunners trickedviewers into thinking he was spared at the price of Abraham, many type of fans boycotted the show.

If the series eliminated off Abraham at the end of seachild 6 and then mercilessly killed Glenn ideal after rather of making fans wait months for the expose, the result probably would have actually been higher and the death might have actually been better up onthis list.

Sasha was killed off in the seakid seven finale on her own terms. AMC

We can not say we were really surprised to watch Sasha go.

Ever considering that she was recorded by Negan"s guys it looked like she was going to take the fate of another character from the comics. Many figured her time on the present was also up considering that she was cast on CBS" new "Star Trek: Discovery" internet series.When flashes of her and her old lover Abraham began playing on display throughout the seakid seven finale, we knew Sasha"s time wasn"t lengthy.

The greatest surpincrease was how the present readjusted Sasha"s fatality. Instead of Negan"s guys killing her and also throwing a sack over her head to rerevolve her to Rick — which happens through another character — Sasha died on her own terms, sacrificing herself in the wishes that she would certainly be able to bite Negan or kill an additional Savior. Still,it wasn"t that significant of a surpclimb because Sasha was given the pillby Eugene the episode prior.

Olithrough stands next to Carl moments before acquiring shot by Arat in the seaboy seven mid-seachild finale. Gene Page/AMC

Olivia"s death was not just shocking because it was so sudden and quick, yet also bereason it strayed much from the comic series wright here she lasted longer. As well, Oliby means of (Ann Mahoney) was among the few characters that wasn"t afrhelp to stand also as much as Negan and also refuse him.It was somepoint that resonated with fans, making her death more bittersweet.

"There"s a part of me that worried that people would not treatment that I was gone so I"m really pleasantly surprised that everyone was so upset," saidMahoneyin an intercheck out with

Tyreese suffers from hallucicountries after loss of blood in the seakid 5 mid-seaboy premiere. Gene Page/AMC

After taking care of Judith and also ending up being among Carol"s closest friends in the team, it was pretty shocking to view Tyreese gain the boot. At the moment, Sasha had just recovered from her boyfrifinish Bob dying just to resolve her brother"s fatality quickly afterward.

Tyreese"sdeath was more shocking because of exactly how lame it turned out. One of the substantial players in the comics and also TV show, Tyreese finished up dying from not one, yet 2 walker bites to the arm. This is a character who was decapitated in the comics and his TV fatality dropped a little bit level for a character that was so vital in the series. Instead, fans watched a whole episode dedicated to Tyreese hallucinating till he yielded.

Alpha was eliminated on seaboy 10, episode 12 after being lured into a quiet room by Negan. Jace Downs/AMC

Comic fans were expecting Alpha to die at some point this seachild, yet not ahead of the finale. Showrunner Angela Kang captured fans off guard by bringing Alpha"s comic fatality to life in the middle of the show"s half seaboy.

We"re not ranking this higher because the fatality itself was a bit predictable because it follows Alpha"s comic fatality practically beat for beat with a few transforms. Negan chopped off Alpha"s head and also then ceded it to Carol.

Morton told she knew just how her character would leave the present since she was cast on the series.

"I was in discussions with Angela under the at an early stage steras," sassist Morton. "If I possibly was going to play Alpha, it was extremely clear that this character would have actually her head chopped off."

The present adaptation receives bonus points for including additional depth to Alpha"s death. Rick nearly killed Negan on seaboy eight by slitting his throat. Negan then turned around and used that exact same method to kill Alpha. It was later revealed that Carol released Negan from his jail cell previously in the seaboy in order for him to infiltprice the Whisperers and also assassinate Alpha on her orders. It was a good execution of somepoint fans have viewed play out in a various tool.

You can read our full intercheck out via Morton here.

Fans sassist their goodbyes to the trash dwellers on the tenth episode of seachild eight. Gene Page/AMC

After he learned among his Savior outposts was kidnapped by the Hillheight, Simon was all set to march right to Maggie for revenge.

Negan stopped him and also sent him off to check out Jadis and the Scavengers rather. Though he was provided orders to kill only among Jadis" civilization, Simon"s rage got the much better of him and he shockingly ordered everyone yet Jadis to be killed on sight.

Fans haven"t been happy via the junkyard gang for some time, but no one intended them to be killed off so cleanly in one clip.

Beta let Gamma turn right into a walker on seachild 10, episode 12. Jace Downs/AMC

We were expecting one or two deaths on seachild 10, episode 12, yet not 3.

Mary/Gamma isn"t a character from the comics so once she risked her life to save Alden, Kelly, and also her nephew Adam, it was a substantial triumph to see her take out every one of the dead. We were gutted moments later on once Beta proved up out of nowbelow to literally gut her with his knife.

Fans probably didn"t watch this one coming. Though it was a shocking minute,Mary was never before around lengthy sufficient to become a large fan favorite. Still, we respect that she went out redeeming herself and protecting her nephew to location her high on our list.

Sophia was discovered dead in season 2, episode seven. AMC

Rick and also his crew sought Carol"s daughter all season. It was a kick tothe stomach once she was finally foundin the show"s mid-season finale zombified in the barn at the farm wbelow they were remaining all along.

Lori Grimes claims goodbye to her kid in seaboy three, episode four. Gene Page/AMC

Her fate was grim, however not practically as grim as it could"ve been if the present authors had actually decided to follow through via the death she had actually in the comic series. Instead of acquiring blown to bits via a shotgunchoose in the comics, Lori passed amethod after offering birth to Judith.

Fans can be thankful that her comic series fate didn"t follow with, however it was still a surpclimb to see her die before saying goodbye to Rick and also spending any real time with her baby.

Anvarious other massive shock in this scene was that Carl wasthe one to shoot her in the head before shecould reanimate. If you weren"t floored yet, it probably hit you moments later as soon as Rick and also the team damaged dvery own at the realization of Lori"s fatality as soon as they observed the baby.

Dale moments prior to he is assaulted by a walker in seakid 2, episode 11. AMC

His gory demise was a fairlymassive shock to many viewers who were growing to love Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn). If you follow thecomic, his death wasn"tcollection to come until they were settled into the priboy, but the actor opted out at an early stage.

According to Jeffery DeMunn he didn"t want to stick roughly after the show firedthe series" initially showrunner,Frank Darabont.

"Yeah as soon as they did that to Frank I told them I wanted out," DeMunnsaid at a Walker Stalker Con occasion. "Frank is a good frifinish and I wasn"t going to stand tbelow while they screwed him over choose that. He operated for 5 years to obtain that show on the air."

10. Carl wound up little bit by a walker after he tripped and also fell in the woods. He then took his very own life offdisplay screen in a church.

Fans bid a frustrating farewell to Carl on the 9th episode of seakid eight. Jackchild Lee Davis/AMC

After enduring cannibals at Terminus, the wrath of the Governor, and also making pals with Negan, Carl wound up dead bereason of a zombie bite to the side. What a method to go out.

Fans were shocked at the initial expose in December"s mid-season finale. Carl"s still alive in the comic series of the very same name and has become among the primary protagonists as his father is gaining older.

The factor Carl isn"t greater on our list is becauseinstead of just killing him off in the winter mid-season finale, the display decided to make fans wait numerous months prior to the substantial reveal of whether or not Carl would certainly make it through. By then, it was no trick if you were complying with the present.

Actor Chandler Riggs himself did an intersee with The Hollywood Reporter after it was revealed he was little and he confirmed his character was acquiring killed off the display. Riggs mutual he had an additional episode on the display. Riggs has actually because poked fun at exactly how his character was eliminated off the series, also though he told he wasn"t bitter about exiting the zombie drama.

9. Morales was taken out ruthlessly one episode after being reintroduced on the series for the initially time because season one.

This one hurt a lot. Gene Page/AMC

It was a complete shock to watch Morales taken out ruthlessly by Daryl an episode after his astronomical go back to the series. In truth, we were thrvery own off guardso much so that we were encouraged Morales might not actually be dead.

Noah gaining assaulted by walkers in season 5, episode 14. Gene Page / AMC

Noah"s demise wasn"t also his very own fault and that"s what renders his fatality all the even more tragic.One of the moreunintended deaths came whenNicholas trapped Noahin a revolvingdoor through walkers to conserve his very own skin.

The only point that made it worse was watching Glenn"s challenge as his frifinish was consumed alive while he couldn"t execute anything to soptimal it or ease his pain.

7. Siddiq was conveniently and also silently killed by Dante after he was revearesulted in be a Whisperer in disguise.

Siddiq was surprisingly killed on the final minutes of seachild 10, episode salso. Jace Downs/AMC

In among the show"s greatest and also ideal twists in years, Siddiq realized that Dante was a Whisperer that organized him captive last seakid. Dante forced him to keep his eyes open up and also watch his friends acquire murdered. Unfortunately, Siddiq made this realization while Dante was beside him. Dante had actually no option however to kill him ideal there and then to maintain his trick.

Showrunner Angela Kang and the authors subverted expectations by transporting two substantial moments that never before occurred in the comics, making for surprise TV.

In the comic, Dante is just one of the excellent males and also winds up via Maggie. The Whisperer twist was designed for TV and was tough to see coming unless you picked up on a couple of small hints throughout the seaboy. Meanwhile, Siddiq is just one of the few characters to endure the entire comic run. As we recognize, on the TV show, medical professionals never before seem to fare well in the zombie apocalypse.

The entire moment was even more heartbreaking bereason Siddiq was simply discovering just how to start dealing with his PTSD a little even more.

"The tragedy is that I think Siddiq was on his initially actions out because he had the ability to begin opening up through civilization around what it is he was going via," Avi Nash, who plays Siddiq, told

Jesus let his guard down for a brief minute and it expense him dbeforehand. Gene Page/AMC

Jesus assumed he had endured a enormous group of walkers. As he saw kill the last one, the walker sidestepped and stabbed Jesus via the middle from behind with a gigantic sword prior to telling him he didn"t belong tright here.

It may have actually come as a huge shock to some fans since Jesus was still alive in the comics and played a pretty prominent duty. This death isn"t ranked better on our list because it was rumored for months that Payne"s character was obtaining killed off the show. Tright here was a segment of die-difficult fans who saw it coming.

Tom Payne told his death on the show was a common decision between both him and also the present.

"I was type of frustrated via what I had acquired to do on the show and also I was kind of a little bored with it," shelp Payne. "If I wasn"t being provided anything, I was kind of ready to go. And then when Angela dubbed me, I was fairly chill about it."

"I was pretty happy through the totality point," he sassist of exactly how his death scene turned out."I just desire to tell an excellent story and also be part of a shocking minute on the display. I a lot fairly be that than hang around at the Hillheight for one more few years."

You understand you jumped once Denise was hit by an arrowhead supposed for Daryl in season six, episode 14. AMC

"The Walking Dead"is famed for hitting you where it damages. After Denise snagged an orange soda for her girlfrifinish Tara (a clear authorize of true love), the showrunners put an arrowhead straight through her head. The death came as a surprise bereason its equivalent to howone more character, Abraham, was eliminated off in the comics. No one intended Denise to satisfy his fate.

Hershel Greene kneels prior to the Governor prior to acquiring decapitated in seakid four's mid-seakid finale. Gene Page/AMC

Hershel wasn"t gruesomely decapitated in the comics. Instead, he asked for his life to be taken by the Governor after one of his sons, Billy, was eliminated.

Hershel received more of a hero"s fatality on the show. Making his household and friends watch it all go down was awful and jaw-dropping.

3. Abraham Ford was the initially character to die at the hands of Negan and his beloved baseround bat Lucille.

Abraham kneels in front of Negan prior to he gets bludgeoned in the seakid salso premiere. Gene Page/AMC

After among the biggest cliffhangers in television background, fans were placing bets on which character would take the hit. It was Glenn that died in the comics, which is why so many type of people were horrified Negan"s first alternative to bludgeon to death became Abraham. (Glenn was just a bonus death on the show.)

Abraham was a well-liked character, but he lengthy outlived his character"s comic arc. In the comics, Abraham never lived to meet Negan. We later learned he wound up being a casualty because Negan observed Abe as the group"s best risk.

Andrea says goodbye to Michonne in the season three finale. Netflix/AMC

Fans assumed Andrea would acquire ameans from the Governor"s compound unscathed after miraculously fending off a zombified Milton. However, she finished up bitten in the procedure and also shot herself to stop ending up being a walker.

No one assumed it was Andrea"s time to go. She resides on in the comics for a lengthy time, so seeing her accomplish her end came as aexpensive shock to many kind of.

Laurie Holden, who played Andrea,saidshe was originallysupposed to stick aroundfor her comic character"s story, consisting of falling in love with Rick. Holden shelp she felt prefer she had been shot as soon as composed out. Now, she"s grateful for how points ended.

"I"m exceptionally grateful, exactly how it was composed that I went out through grace and with a stellar actors. It wasn"t the way that I wanted, yet I loved the way I went out," she shelp atWalker Stalker Con in New Jersey in 2016.

Beth Greene best prior to she is swarm by Dawn in seachild five's mid-seakid finale. Netflix/AMC

After Beth was held hostagefor numerous episodes at Grady Memorial Hospital, it looked like she was finally backvia the team.It was too good to be true.

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Beth"s decision to killthe ruthmuch less head of the hospital went from a triumphant moment to one filled through utter, instantaneous shock. No sooner than Beth stabbed Dawn was she accidentally shot in the head as her friends watched in horror. The next scene of Daryl transferring Beth"slimp body out of the hospital to her distraught sister was also more gut-wrenching.