articleSnyder1991TheWA, title=The will and also the ways: advancement and also validation of an individual-distinctions measure of hope., author=Charles R. Snyder and also Cynthea Harris and James R Anderboy and also Sharon A. Holleran and also Lori M. Irving and Sandra T. Sigmon and Lauren Yoshinobu and also J Gibb and C Langelle and also Peter Harney, journal=Journal of personality and social psychology, year=1991, volume=60 4, pages= 570-85 Publiburned 1 April 1991Psychology, MedicineJournal of personality and social psychology

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Defining hope as a cognitive set that is composed of a reciprocally acquired sense of successful (a) agency (goal-directed determination) and also (b) pathways (planning of means to accomplish goals), an individual-distinctions measure is arisen. Studies show acceptable interior consistency and also test-retest relicapacity, and also the element structure identifies the company and also pathmeans components of the Hope Scale. Convergent and discriminant validity are documented, in addition to evidence arguing that… Expand
Stroke and Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) recurrent a major cause of long-term disability among survivors. Many type of psychological obstacles have the right to also happen including: depression, anxiety… Expand
Acceptance and also Commitment Therapy, Acquired Brain Injury, Brain Injuries, (+1 more)

This examine will implement and evaluate the impacts of a pediatric continuity care intensivist routine. This research will certainly recognize the influence of an additional pediatric intensive care unit… Expand
This project builds upon initial proof of concept work researching the optimal collection of supports for youth who have recently exited homelessness - an treatment consisted of of psychological health… Expand
The existing 4 research studies were designed to develop and validay a meacertain of state hope and also market a brief, internally continual, and valid self-report meacertain of recurring goal-directed thinking that might be valuable to researchers and applied specialists. Expand
A six-item dispositional self-report index referred to as the Children's Hope Scale is presented and also validated for usage with children periods 8-16 and suggests that the scale evidence inner consistency, and is relatively secure over retesting. Expand
Hope is a core construct of positive psychology that has received just minimal application to work-related and vocational situations. C. R. Snyder (2000) conceptualized hope as a cognitive procedure via 3… Expand
Hope and also emotional well-being: A six-year study to identify antecedents, correlates, and consequences
Hope is a motivational aspect that helps initiate and also sustain activity toward long-term objectives, including versatile management of obstacles that obtain in the way of goal attainment. Regardless of a wealth of… Expand
A cognitive, two-component version of hope proposed by Snyder and colleagues is reviewed. Hope is defined as the perceived capcapacity to (1) derive pathmethods to desired objectives and (2) motivate oneself… Expand
Frank and also Frank argued that the main goal of contextually oriented therapy is remoralization through the promovement of hope. According to Snyder’s hope theory, hope is a psychological… Expand
Abstract As brand-new actions are included to the progressively crowded positive psychology field, they should be juxtaposed through existing tools to assess their loved one utility and also overview applied… Expand
The outcomes proved that the crucial mediating duty of hope between self-efficacy and also SWB confirmed that company and also pathmethods, 2 dissociating sub-dimensions of hope, defined even more variance in SWB, compared with instance self- efficacy regressed on SWB alone. Expand
The authors imply that human being of all eras are goal oriented and that 2 related assumed processes generally acfirm this goal-associated thinking. First, tbelow are pathmeans thoughts, which tap the… Expand
Hope concept (Snyder, 2002) posits that extremely “hopeful” individuals are more successful in attaining their goals mostly due to the cognitive interplay in between pathmethod and firm reasoning or the… Expand
Two 10-item mood scales that comprise the Positive and also Negative Affect Schedule (PANAS) are emerged and also are presented to be very internally constant, largely unassociated, and also steady at appropriate levels over a 2-month time period. Expand

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An integrative theoretical frame to explain and to predict mental transforms achieved by various settings of therapy is presented and findings are reported from microanalyses of enactive, vicarious, and emotive mode of treatment that support the hypothesized partnership between viewed self-efficacy and behavioral alters. Expand