This prcooktop methodical theology represents the incredibly finest in evangelical theology. Stanley Grenz presents the conventional themes of Christian doctrine--God, humankind, Christ, the Divine Spirit, the church, and the last things--all within an emphasis on God's central program for creation, namely,...

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Grenz, Stanley J. 1950-2005. (Author)
Twentieth century religious assumed.
Online Publication
Grand also Rapids, MI : Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., 2000.
Twentieth century spiritual believed

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Table of Contents: Introduction The nature and also task of theology The theological task Theology: the doctrine of God <1.> The God who is The reality of God in an age of atheism Knowledge of God in an age of agnosticism <2.> The triune God Trinitarian doctrine in theological background The formulation of trinitarian doctrine The theological effects of trinitarian doctrine Trinitarian doctrine and Christian life <3.> The relational God The nature of the relational God The divine attributes <4.> The creator God God as the creator of the world God as the providential administrator of the people Anthropology: the doctrine of humanity <5.> The human identity and our origin in God Our area in development "Openness to the world" and also basic revelation God as our beginning Our tempdental beginning <6.> Our nature as persons destined for neighborhood Our ontological nature Humans as the picture of God <7.> Sin: the damage of community The nature of sin Initial sin The outcomes of sin: our huguy situation <8.> Our spiroutine co-creatures The nature of the spiroutine realities Angelology and frameworks of existence The demonic and also superstition. Christology: the doctrine of Christ <9.> The fellowship of Jesus the Christ with God Implications: Jesus as one with God <10.> The fellowship of Jesus the Christ with humankind Jesus as a human Jesus as the true huguy Jesus as the global huguy <11.> The fellowship of deity and humankind in Jesus Jesus as magnificent and also human The incarcountry The virgin birth <12.> The mission of Jesus The vocation of the earthly Jesus The atonement and the mission of Jesus The recurring work of Christ Pneumatology: the doctrine of the Holy Spirit <13.> The identity of the Holy Spirit The Spirit in salvation history The Spirit in the trinitarian life <14.> The Spirit and also the scriptures The Spirit as the structure of scripture The task of the Spirit speaking via scripture The Bible and also revelation Biblical authority <15.> The dynamic of convariation The divine element of convariation The area facet of convariation <16.> Individual salvation: the wider perspective The procedure of salvation The eternal conmessage of salvation.

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Ecclesiology: the doctrine of the church <17.> The church the eschatalogical covenant area The church as a covenant civilization The church as the sign of the kingdom The church as area <18.> The minisattempt of the area The function of the church The manday of the church <19.> Community acts of commitment Acts of commitment and also the church Baptism: the seal of our identity The Lord's supper: reaffirming our identification <20.> The company for neighborhood life Membership in the neighborhood Community framework Leadership for the area Ordination by the neighborhood Eschatology: the doctrine of last things <21.> The consummation of personal visibility The definition of death Overcoming fatality in the resurrection Hope in the challenge of death <22.> The consummation of history The meaning of history The visibility of community in and also past background the climax of background <23.> The consumation of God's cosmic regimen The transition from development to brand-new development The dark side of the judgment The new development <24.> The definition of eschatology Eschatology as understanding right into the present Eschatology as God's contact in the present Eschatology as insight for living.
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