Reading your replies and comments to my write-up yesterday I think we are exceptionally much in agreement on the truth that regularly colleges administer only the concept and not the practice. You asked me what typology of studies you have to select to get a task. Tright here is no suitable educational path. You have to develop a perfect "mentality" and attempt to revolve concept right into practice. In concept everything goes, but in practice only incredibly few educational courses can truly aid in everyday’s life. It’s as much as you! It’s so basic to speak in the abstract and also so hard to guarantee that the theory will certainly be successful. I love culture yet I hate concept without an result. Listening to someone pgetting to generically on just how we should behave to succeed in life is the stupidest point ever before. We want the young to succeed? Give them guidelines and concrete avenues. Otherwise, it’s better to desist. If the theory is valid, the practice is as a lot valid. Eexceptionally day we need to listen to political leaders talking and they are not informing exactly how our country have to job-related. Isn’t it about time that someone put right into exercise what they have promised us? Enough through concept. Please, obtain to the point. Concrete proposals for practical solutions!Einstein declared that "Theory is when you know everything but nothing works. Practice is everything functions however no one knows why. In our laboratory, theory and also practice are combined: nopoint functions and no one knows why!" Maybe the solution lies specifically not understanding the answer to the concerns that are posed. Because of this I am even even more persuaded that each one of us hregarding find one’s very own exercise, the result of a great theory!

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