To you:I love you yet not the way you want me to.I"ll always be sorry that I lied to you and also didn"t say this, but it still seems like it was the best method to go back then. We were young and also I was leaving to school and also we kbrand-new it was simply that brief interlude.

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And to you:I will certainly always be a disappointment to you, no matter exactly how a lot you deny it. I check out your various other hopes and desires and also I check out the way you have actually stored them for me, rather of throwing them amethod. It"s a waste of space.And you: (Yes, you:)I will never before forobtain you. I will certainly always be looking for the answers to your inquiries, they have actually become my concerns now, as well. As long as they reprimary unanswered I will battle via the pain of having actually well-known you and leaving.
Tright here are a couple of things that I would certainly like for you to have actually, along with my heart:

Tbelow is my laughter, unrefined, loudly insane, impetuously spawned from the kernels of my larynx.

Tbelow are my tears, which are instantly liquified, as you stand up and also smile.

Tright here are, additionally, my hands, which seem to have a mind of their own once it concerns the pores of your epidermis.


...there is myself.

So, right here they are, wrapped carelessly in a tool paper bag, no ribbons attached. It shouldn"t be also hard to find a proper area for them, considering that they"re relatively little, insignificant belongings, that don"t take up a lot necessary space.

You have to save in mind not to leave them recklessly roughly, bereason you can accidentally stumble and also action on them.

Will you, please, allow me the pleasure of possessing them?

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I still miss out on you, currently and then. You"ll never before recognize.

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