Imagine a location nestled among captivating woods, option farmland also, and also spectacular lakes. Fill it via 16,000 Midwesterners; honest, straightforward, and also concentrated on the love of life. Give it a pro-company mindset and the desire to thrive, not for the sake of growth itself, but fairly for the benefits to be appreciated. Add a commitment to reinvest in the neighborhood with business. That"s Macon, Missouri, a quiet but active Midwestern city built on typical family worths. Yes, Macon is probably like many kind of various other areas of its size. But is it really?

The civilization of Macon are some of the a lot of progressive you"ll discover. Our public education and learning mechanism solutions over 1,500 students in one convenient complicated and also is AAA rated, the greatest educational rating in Missouri. Students are exposed to computer systems and global languperiods at an early age. Achievement scores throughout the district frequently array from .3 to .6 above national standards at eexceptionally grade level. Over 55% of our district"s graduates participate in some type of ongoing education and learning, mirroring our commitment to education and learning. We also sell a personal Catholic elementary college wright here 55 students gain a teacher to student proportion of 1 to 10. Tri-County Christian School is a personal college that runs K via 5th grade and has 70 students. They likewise have a precollege 2 years with 4 years old through 80 students.

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Macon also supplies classes in a range of specialized skills at the Macon Area Vocational School and is near many of the ideal public and private universities, colleges, and also junior colleges in the Midwest. The civilization of Macon are encouraged that an excellent education and learning is a prerequisite to a good life.

An wonderful public library holds over 32,000 publications, 70 magazines, a big selection of audiopublications, and a repertoire of regional background. The library was renovated to make it handicapped easily accessible in addition to a lift. Tright here are 6 computers that are obtainable for usage by customers.

Macon is likewise a area committed to great wellness. The Samaritan Hospital, a modern-day, high-quality health treatment facility, serves the area via terrific health and wellness treatment. The hospital"s commitment to growth has contained recent additions in tools, programs, and also medical professionals. An array of health and wellness treatment experts reside in our area, with specialists as well as family doctors proudly calling Macon their home.

Macon boasts among the lowest crime rates in America. In reality, it is so low, many kind of civilization can not think it. But it"s true because we understand that in Macon, a neighbor is also a friend.

We look out for one another. It also helps to have actually fantastic city and also county police forces and the local office of the Missouri State Highmeans Patrol right here. All this provides us the security to take a run in the park, sit on our front porch and also sleep well at night, discovering our families are safe.

Macon dwellings run the complete gamut of style, size, and character, for both the young and also the young at heart. Our communities are well designed, well-retained, and near institutions, churches, and shopping.

Two of our earliest buildings have been totally restored and are house to many kind of of our seniors. These two structures reflect a unique design that is representative of the real estate you"ll discover throughout the area. Of course, you"ll likewise find houses which are even more conventional in nature. All are affordable with housing prices reduced than other Midwestern cities and a lot lower than dwellings on either shore. This is all due to the low price of living you"ll uncover here.

Macon County offers some of the ideal antique shops in Missouri. People travel from all over to shop and browse with the over 20 different craft, antique and collectible shops in Macon County.

Step back in time in among Macon County"s museums or visit among the area"s historic buildings. Several houses and also public structures in the location are provided on the National Register of Historic Places.

In Macon, a variety of churches, clubs, and also institutions reflect our dedication to the community we serve. Newcomers and brand-new members are welcome and urged to join the folks that occupational to encertain a higher quality of life for all our world.

But there"s a lot more to life in Macon than work. Tright here are recreation and a lot of it. Our park mechanism is just one of the ideal approximately via eight public parks, three public tennis courts, and also two wading pools. As the county seat, we"re likewise house to the Macon County Fairgrounds and a myriad of tasks you"ll reap tbelow throughout the year. Festivities favor old-fashioned ice cream socials, a family-style 4th of July celebration, picnics, and parades are all part of the heritage of our Midwestern way of life.

For the active sports enthusiast, Macon County is extensively recognized for its fantastic searching, fishing, and also water sporting activities. Each year, hunters bag records numbers of wildlife in our fields and also woods. We have many tiny ponds wright here you can catch bass or crappie. We have one of the ideal Military Corp of Engineers lakes in the Midwest and nearly 25,000 acres of water wbelow freshwater fishing, boating, skiing, swimming, and also sunning are delighted in throughout the periods. Macon is also home to a fine Counattempt Club through a manicured golf course and pool. Other recreational possibilities include bowling lanes, campgrounds, a fitness center, YMCA, and even more.

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But if spectating is a much more appealing sport, we offer world-renowned exotic pet sales, historic locations, organic wonders, festivals, bull buck-off, vintage automobile reflects, community theatre, and also cinema. Discover Macon - A Place to Grow and also Go.