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This Is So Sad describes short articles made in parody of articles favor 5ever in which a scene of dialogue dramatically results in a character committing self-destruction before the other character have the right to finish their sentence, and the bottom containing a subtitle through "This is so sad!" and positing some variation of "have the right to we hit 50 likes?" and the character Sarcastic Bro on the far ideal corner. These articles started spreading on Reddit in early on 2018. At the finish of the posts, a line of message would certainly read "This is so sad! Can we reach (X) likes?" The format was picked up in many type of Deep Fried Memes and also shitshort articles.


On February 8th, a similar article to the 5ever short article copypasta appeared on /r/ComedyHomicide,<1> getting over 650 points (displayed below).


5ever (sometimes spelled 5eva or 5evur) is a slang term interpretation “more than forever" and the superlative develop of its SMS shorthand also "4ever." Believed to have actually originated from a copypasta story that began circulating in early 2011, the term is provided ironically to mimic the non-traditional grammar or syntaxes regularly discovered in virtual conversations. Its earliest recognized usage as the superlative of "4ever" was presented in a copypasta photo resembling a handcomposed note posted by Tumblr user Deathray-Deathray on March 10th, 2011. The photo consisted of a short teenage romance story created in Comic Sans through a side note encouraging readers to reblog or favor if they “crey.”



In the complying with months, jokes using similar setups began appearing on /r/DeepFriedMemes, where they were shown through hefty distortion and unconnected imperiods on the text. For instance, a write-up by RoFro_ from March 1fifth acquired over 2,900 points (presented listed below, left). Anvarious other article by BVB_301 from March 2fifth gained over 1,500 points (presented listed below, right).

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After spreading on /r/DeepFriedMemes, the format was picked up by /r/dankmemes, where customers created variations transforming the word "likes" to various other things one deserve to "hit." For example, an April 1fourth, 2018 post altering "likes" to "faculty and also staff" gained over 6,300 points (shown listed below, left). Another write-up that referenced the Younglings from the Star Wars movies got over 2,000 points (shown listed below, right).