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IBM OS/2, in full Internationwide Firm Machines Operating System/2, an operating system presented in 1987 by IBM and also the Microsoft Corporation to operate the second-generation line of IBM personal computer systems, the PS/2 (Personal System/2).

IBM OS/2 was intfinished to relocation the older disk operating mechanism (DOS), which, through the development of the Intel Corporation 80286 microchips in the mid-1980s, was growing increasingly obsolete. OS/2 combined a brand-new graphical user interconfront (GUI) with attributes previously obtainable just on mainframework computer systems. It mutual similarities via various other operating systems, consisting of Microsoft Windows, UNIX, and Xenix.


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Simultaneously, Microsoft continued breakthrough of its Windows operating mechanism, whose popular 3rd iteration (Windows 3.0) contained some of the GUI aspects developed for OS/2. Regardless of later basing some Windows NT and also Windows 95 advances on code created for IBM and also OS/2, Microsoft shortly discontinued development of further interchallenge functions for OS/2.

With Microsoft concentrating its efforts on Windows, IBM turned to Commodore Business Machines for interface advancement and also obtained GUI style concepts from the Commodore AmigaOS. With OS/2.20 the WorkPlace Shell was developed and came to be a GUI typical, and also future OS/2 iterations ran Windows with a relicapability that led IBM to label the mechanism “crash proof.”

In 1994 IBM introduced a new variation, OS/2 Warp, which included many brand-new attributes. OS/2, yet, faicaused gain a share of the mass industry. It survived in IBM-conquered niche industries such as automated teller machines (ATMs), but the agency halted manufacturing in 2005 and assistance in 2006. Users and also developers still loyal to OS/2 support releasing the software as open up resource, but Microsoft retains civil liberties to some of the code, and also the protection of ATMs might be endangered. In 2001 IBM licensed OS/2 to Serenity Equipment (and later XEU.com), which offered it as eComStation, and also in 2015 to Arca Noae, which marketed it as ArcaOS.

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