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TypeReleasedRYM RatingRanked Genres
ArtistThrough the Eyes of the Dead
27 January 2004
3.34 / 5.00.5 from 73 ratings
#208 for 2004



chigglesman Feb 06 2010 5.00 stars

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Deathcore outfit Through the Eyes of the Dead have progressively made a name for themselves in the death metal/deathcore scene. Uncontrollable drumming, fast guitars and intense breakdowns are what make TTEOD, and looking back at their first EP 'The Scars of Ages', we return back to the bands original vocalist Anthony Gunnels, who is also heard on their first full album Bloodlust. 'The Scars of Ages' is a perfect EP, it's just straight, brutal as hell death metal. At the time of release, TTEOD was signed with LoveLost Records, and this EP certainly shows that the band has so much talent. Vocalist Anthony Gunnels tears through our ears with his intense high screams, then brings it down extremely low for the more brutal moments. One thing I love is breakdowns, and this EP is certainly full of them. Many of them sound the same, dont get me wrong, but there is one thing which seperates each one from the other. Every breakdown is more brutal than the last and drummer Dayton Cantley can definitely nail on those double bass pedals. Throughout every song he just blasts his way through and it fits the music sound just right. His drum fills are almost impossible to follow and it seems he is all over the place. Justin Longshore is the one remaining guitarist now that recorded this EP. The riffs and solo moments on this album are very impressive, fast paced and always remain at a thrash sound which keeps the pace up to an extreme. If you love death metal, listen to this EP, it's simply perfect. This was the highlight time for TTEOD and though they will move on to do alot, nothing will ever beat 'The Scars of Ages'.