b : to discover idly After one rambles with the maps for a time … some all at once impressions begin to emerge.— John Noble Wilford

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2a : to talk or write in an aimmuch less, erratic, and also often long-winded fashion The hunk starts to ramble on and also on, and also the women seem quite annoyed. — Monk Magazine
3 : to flourish or extend irconsistently To me, pea greens are the culinary indistinguishable of morning glories, sprouting overnight, rambling below and tright here, turning the grower right into a shepherd, at leastern for the duration.— Molly O"Neill

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wander, roam, ramble, rove, traipse, meander suppose to go about from location to area typically without a arrangement or definite function. wander implies an lack of or an indistinction to a resolved course. fond of wandering around the square just watching the human being roam says wandering about easily and also frequently much afield. chosen to roam through the woods ramble stresses carelessness and also indistinction to one"s course or objective. the speaker rambled on without ever before coming to the allude rove argues vigorous and also sometimes purposeful roaming. armed brigands roved over the countryside traipse suggests a course that is erratic yet might occasionally be purposeful. traipsed almost everywhere town looking for the appropriate dress meander indicates a winding or elaborate course suggestive of aimmuch less or listmuch less wandering. the river meanders for miles via rich farmland also

Verb She rambled for numerous minutes before introducing the primary speaker. He"s funny, but he tends to ramble. Noun We went for a ramble alengthy the beach. He encountered many type of interesting world in his rambles in the nation. The first chapter is a 100-page ramble. We had actually to listen to one more one of his long rambles around national politics and also faith.
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Recent Examples on the Web: Verb In the end, Adrian’s transdevelopment from frustrated weirdo right into psycho killer happens abruptly, and also mostly offstage, as if Leonard, who likes to ramble on about murder, possesses demonic powers of pointer. — Christian Lorentzen, Harper"s Magazine, 17 Aug. 2021 At times, Klam deserve to ramble and become repeated, but her lively wit carries us along. — Washington Post, 7 Aug. 2021 Off the major drag, quaint Victorians and cute cotteras start in the foothills and also ramble down to the shore, wbelow also the oceanfront dwellings are surprisingly underproclaimed. — San Francisco Chronicle, 1 July 2021 Georgia Tech needed no big rally to ramble right into the Sweet 16. — Jim Vertuno, Star Tribune, 23 Mar. 2021 Afterward, as my daughter and I ramble throughout the park or duck out to the outdoor café for coffee and cake, tbelow is the usual battery of questions and also the subsequent retelling of the story. — Ryu Spaeth, The New Republic, 19 Nov. 2020 From camp, hike the six-mile round-trip trail to 2,458-foot Gaviota Peak in the Santa Ynez Mountains, or ramble the half-mile from the primary trailhead for a soak in Gaviota Hot Springs. — Megan Michelkid, Outside Online, 14 Nov. 2020 On Thursday evening, Trump took to the White House briefing room to ramble a list of false clintends about voter fraud and various grievances and also, at one suggest, somepoint around binoculars. — James Hibberd, EW.com, 7 Nov. 2020 The whole Western civilization waned to sell the farm and also ramble down Route 66 in one of these makers. — Don Sherman, Car and Driver, 31 Aug. 2020 Recent Examples on the Web: Noun His rhythmic sensitivity is at an all-time high right here, and as detailed in various other songs in this list, his syncopated fluency throughout is the glue that holds this seven-plus-minute ecstatic ramble of a song from collapsing. — Caryn Rose, Vulture, 24 Aug. 2021 For a woodsy ramble, the Harwich Conservation Trust trails (www.harwichconservationtrust.org) are lovely, and a brand-new one simply opened this year: Pleasant Bay Woodlands. — BostonGlobe.com, 7 July 2021 Fourteenager, in 11 locations, are uncovered on the Benjamin F. Long IV Fresco Trail in the Statesville-Charlotte area — nine of which David and I checked out in this 275-mile ramble. — Washington Post, 7 May 2021 Nothing in my practically salso decades’ knowledge of Harvard (which began through preinstitution in 1952) all set me for this lonely ramble. — Daniel Pipes, WSJ, 21 Mar. 2021 Cats are a perfectly adequate MacGuffin for this pleasant ramble through what viewpoint deserve to and also can’t help us with. — Washington Post, 24 Nov. 2020 But tbelow is still time for an autumn ramble with the city. — Carl Nolte, SFChronicle.com, 31 Oct. 2020 The rest of the speech was a free-develop ramble, as Trump careened from grievances to fear-mongering to goofiness. — Joe Garofoli, SFChronicle.com, 31 Oct. 2020 The galleries are significant, neutral, and also arranged to welcome a ramble or something more programmed and disciplined. — Brian T. Allen, National Review, 16 Sep. 2020

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1fifth century, in the meaning defined at intransitive sense 1a


1639, in the interpretation characterized at feeling 1

History and Etymology for ramble


Middle English, probably alteration of romblen, frequentative of romen to roam