God in French is Dieu. Discover the French synonyms for God, French God expressions consisting of exactly how to say “oh my god” in French and just how to praise the Lord in French.

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French has many expressions with the word god, however, theyare not used with the intention of pelevating the Lord, but fairly as sayings, idioms.

These French God expressions may be supplied by a non-believer as well ascivilization who perform believe in God. In France, most believers in God would certainly not be offended by the use of the word God in this context.

How execute You Say God in French?

God in French is dieu. It’s a masculine noun, the plural create is les dieux, x silent.

Words god in French have the right to be spelled with an upperinstance or lowercase D, depending whether it describes any god, or the God of the Christians, which a lot of of these expressions describe, France being traditionally a Catholic nation.

Usual synonyms for God in French are :

le Seigneur (Lord),le Père (Father),le Créateur (Creator).

To talk around the Christian God, we additionally say:

Dieu le Père (Father)Dieu le Fils (Jesus)Dieu le Saint Esprit (Holy Spirit)

Une divinité is a divinity.

How carry out You Address God in French: Tu or Vous?

The French offered to use “vous” to talk to God, however it has switched to “tu”, as you would currently normally talk to your father.

Some world still use “vous” as a form of respect, but the typical in the Catholic prayers is “tu”.

I will certainly currently list the most prevalent French expressions utilizing the word God in French.

1 – Oh my God in French

This expression is provided to express surprise, a shock, simply as it is in English.

Oh mon Dieu ! Tu es sûre ?Oh my God! Are you sure?

2 – Thank God in French

We use that one as well.

J’ai un cancer. Mais c’est juste le déhowever et les médecins sont confiants.I have actually cancer. But it’s only the beginning and physicians are confident.Dieu merci : est-ce que tu souffres ?Thank God: are you in pain?

3 – Thank Goodness in French

Grâce à Dieu, ce n’est pas trop grave.Thank God, it’s not as well major.

 4 – Praise the Lord in French

Let me insist that in common French language, this expression is no much longer an invitation to actually praise the Lord, however an expression of relief, much more choose “Thank God” or “Thank goodness” in English.

However, if you actually wanted to provide praise to God, you can say “Dieu soit loué” or more likely “Rendons grâce à Dieu” or “Louons le Seigneur”… I invite you to visit my French Mass Prayer Recordings to discover more French vocabulary for God, prayers etc…

Il y a eu un gros accident sur l’autopath, mais Dieu soit loué, il n’y a pas de blessés tombs.

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Tright here has actually been a big accident on the highmethod, however thank goodness, tbelow were no major injuries.