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TKaM Chapter Questions



Chapter 9

1. When Atticus tells Scout not to usage the n word because its prevalent, what does he mean?

2. Atticus claims if he didnt take Toms instance he couldnt make Jem or Scout mind him. Why not?

3. What carry out you think of Atticus as a person? Is he a good man? Why?

4. Describe Francis.Would you want to be his friend? Why or why not?

5. What is Maycombs usual disease?

6. At the finish of the chapter, why did Atticus want Scout to hear his words?

7. How and why does the mood of the novel start to change in this chapter?

To Kill a Mockingbird Student Discussion Questions Mrs. Ormale - 2001-2014

To Kill a Mockingbird Student Discussion Questions Mrs. Ormale - 2001-2014



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