Objective: Meet Myrrine and also Brasidas

After meeting via the Kings of Sparta, Myrrine and Brasidas will head for Arkadia. While you can trek north through Lakonia and Arkadia, the meeting location is actually a lot closer to the Wetlands of the Hyena in Argolis, which has a synchronization point.

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The meeting allude is located at the height of the hill, on the border of the Smuggler"s Forest and the Golden Fields areas. Make your method to this area to discover a mercenary, Sosipatros the Archon’s Servant, and trigger a scene.


While in Arkadia, you"ll have a permanent bounty level of 3, which you"re unable to remove. It is highly suggested that you wait to complete any type of optional activities till this is rerelocated.

Objective: Deal through the mercenary

No matter what you say, Sosipatros defines that the Archon has placed a bounty on your head that even Brasidas" money can"t buy off and also engages you in combat.

In enhancement to the sword and also shield, which deserve to block the majority of frontal strikes, Sosipatros has the capability to usage the Spartan Kick ability and deserve to usage ranged strikes. Focus on defense by dodging his attacks prior to attacking via a combo, or shoot arrows about his shield from a distance to draw him closer. Whatever you do, make this a quick fight to avoid a genuine mess as soon as the Archon"s bounty hunters join the fray.


Once Sosipatros has had sufficient, speak via him to learn wright here Myrrine and also Brasidas are located and then select whether to spare his life.

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Objective: Talk to Myrrine and Brasidas close to Tegea

Make your means southwest towards the town of Tegea to speak through Myrrine and also Brasidas. While you"ll should select between whose plan you"d fairly follow, we indicate siding via Brasidas. You"ll constantly be given the option to perdevelop the tasks on both sides.

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