To Kcurrently, To Will, To Dare, To Keep Silent
This is likewise known as the Witch’s Pyramid. Also recognized as The Four Powers of the Magus or the Four Secrets of the Sphinx. To Know (Noscere-Latin) represents the element of Air, To Dare (Audere) represents the element of Water. To Will (Velle) represents the element of Fire, and To Be Silent (Tacere) represents the aspect of earth. With Each Other they end up being “voces mysticae”. For many in the craft to be silent proves among the the majority of tough lessons to learn. as soon as all the powers are assembled together, then the fifth and also a lot of sacred power occurs, the power of Spirit (quintessence) without this sacred power the ritual/spell will certainly break acomponent before your wanted outcome can manifest.

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The Witches Pyramid has some slight variations from system to mechanism, however there aren’t many kind of major differences. If you’re examining any type of sort of magic, it’s a good principle to store the pyramid in mind.To Know (nescere) – coincides to AirTo understand relates to the witches understanding and also knowledge of the craft on all levels, from their knowledge of rituals, spellspreading, herbs, astral take a trip, candle magic, crystals, spirit connection, deity invocation, ceremony, spell work-related, psychic awareness, divination and also how to usage tools. The more a witch knows, understands, and proceeds to learn, the even more effective and also effective the magic and healing will certainly be. A witch should control and job-related via the energies that are invoked. As a practicing witch, recognize yourself, recognize your craft, proceed to learn and also apply your learning wisely. Most witches have an natural learning, an expertise beyond the 5 senses, it is what draws them to the craft in the first place, it is somepoint that transcends the normal human physical borders and also leads to enlightenment.Association: factor – intellect – intuition – wisdom -psychic awareness -abilities – rationalising – analysing – imagining – skills in the art of magic and mystical knowledge obtained on any kind of level, either via tutours on the earthairplane or those from various other realms.

To Will (velle) – synchronizes to Fire

The will is to carry out through the way a witch conducts their life, and also their idea and commitment to any type of spell or routine they are conducting, it is the capacity to raise, regulate, and manipulate the power, and keep focus and also intention. To will certainly has to carry out through the utter conviction and power to manifest magic. A witch must understand how to summon and straight energy and job-related via their interior drive, will, want, and also emphasis leads to manifestation. To produce magic a witch has to believe unequivocally in the magic they are creating. Anyone wishing to manifest understands that will certainly is an integral part of magic.Association: the witch’s will – idea system – technique – – application of magical abilities – approach to life – strategy to magic.

To Dare (audere) – synchronizes to Water

Daring to execute magic without fear, daring to invoke with knowledge, daring to experiment, daring to press forward, daring to endure new points. Daring to go beyond the physical constraints and also surrendering to the global energies, travelling to astral worlds. Daring to be a component of the cosmic order and also letting the energies flow. Transcending inner fears and also regarded barriers, meeting via divine beings and also spirits, invoking unquestioningly and also being open to prehistoric wisdom. Facing whatever before requirements to be challenged and also overcoming. When a witch wields magic their personal emotions play an integral part, a witch have to constantly be prepared to fulfill a challenge.Association: the witch’s emotions – heart – feeling of difficulty – drive to overcome and courage.

To Keep Silent (tacere) – coincides via Earth

To Keep Silent, is to do via not always saying specifically what you understand once it involves witchcraft, some things are better off being quietly interpreted by the individual witch, and also don’t necessarily should be mutual. Since you understand, you don’t necessarily need to say, tbelow is a certain power in being silent and understanding. Keeping silent additionally has to do through the silence within, being centered and grounded before start any kind of magical work-related is necessary to keep a clear intent. When invoking the gods, a still and clear channel is necessary for efficient and effective connections. When invoking and receiving messeras tright here have to be silence to hear the channeled wisdom.Associated via inner calm, silent understanding, protecting sacred understanding.

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To Go (ire) – coincides to Spirit

Spirit is thought about to embody the power “To Go” to move, to go forth, to make manifest, to lug about, to journey, to evolve, bringing the other 4 elements right into perfect balance.