WRITING SKILLS PART 2When you have completed your exam and reperceived your answers, click Submit Exam. Answers will not be tape-recorded till you hit Submit Exam. If you have to exit before completing the exam, click Cancel Exam. Questions 1 to 20: Select the best answer to each question. Keep in mind that a question and its answers might be separation across a web page break, so be sure that you have viewed the whole question and all the answers prior to choosing an answer.1. Which of the complying with would certainly be an appropriate way to include array to your sentences?

A. Add individual anecdotes.B. Use questions and answers together.C. Use more close-up words.D. Make your sentences check out like a spoken conversation.

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2. Which of the complying with statements about vocabulary building is not correct?

A. The ideal way to boost your vocabulary is to memorize lists of vocabulary words.B. Reading on a everyday basis is extremely crucial for structure your vocabulary.C. Using the dictionary is only one action in the process of vocabulary structure.D. Pronunciation is a critical component of including new words to your vocabulary.

3. To put abstract ideas right into close-up words, use _______ descriptions.

A. generalB. farawayC. mpersonalD. concrete

4. Increasing your vocabulary means

A. you’ll write even more lively sentences.B. you’ll be able to spend even more time reading.C. you’ll spend much less time on revision.D. you’ll create longer sentences.

5. Which one of the complying with statements around making your creating fun to read is not correct?

A. Give your creating an individual touch by reflecting that you’re interested in your subject.B. An anecdote or humorous quotation is often even more convincing than a strong debate.C. The conversation you create have to sound natural for the characters.D. Direct quotations should be reserved for characters in stories.

6. Which statement is most exact about the speaking-composing connection?

A. Written words rarely reflect the words civilization use once they soptimal.B. To own a word, create it over and also over again.C. The words used by writers are not typically provided in speaking.D. To own a word, speak it.

7. Which of the adhering to straight quotations is punctuated properly?

A. “Way to go, Sean”, the coach shouted. “That was an excellent run! ”B. “Way to go, Sean”, the coach shouted. “That was an excellent run”!C. “Way to go, Sean,” the coach shouted. “That was an excellent run! ”D. “Way to go, Sean,” the coach shouted. That was an excellent run”!

8. Which among the complying with sentences or phrases is many likely to be thought about a cliche?

A. How dead is a dead doornail?B. When in doubt, pout.C. Look prior to you leap.D. Are you a male or a moose?

9. Read the word in parentheses; then decide which of these sentences many effectively equates an abstract concept right into a mental photo.

A. (Freedom) On her twenty-initially birthday, Lola claimed herself a woguy.B. (Studious) Lucy lay on her bed analysis a ago worry of National Geographic.C. (Rumors) Whispers of doubt filled the empty halls like the reek of boiled cabbage.D. (Sunrise) The climbing sunlight transdeveloped the canyon into bbest rock and also deep shadow.

10. A synonym is a word that’s

A. pronounced the exact same.B. opposite in interpretation.C. characterized in a thesaurus.D. is similar in definition.

11. Find the sentence through the active voice.

A. The bill was passed by the legislature.B. The chairmale told me that the legislature passed the bill.C. It was voted by the legislature to pass.D. I was told by the chairguy that the bill was passed by the legislature.

12. An antonym is a word that’s

A. identified in a thesaurus.B. the exact same in definition.C. pronounced the exact same.D. oppowebsite in interpretation.

13. A cliche is a _______ expression.

A. worn-outB. newC. foreignD. wordy

14. Which among the adhering to sentences is composed in the active voice?

A. Accidents are taken into consideration by most civilization as unavoidable.B. It is said that definite steps deserve to be taken to prevent many kind of mishaps.C. Accidents are saw every day.D. Few people think seriously around doing somepoint around accidents.

15. Anna is an exceptional young girl. _______ Anna does any job that requirements to be done. To differ the sentence structure, which one of the complying with sentences need to you insert in the blank?

A. Anna works tough every day of her life.B. Anna is a hardfunctioning and versatile perchild.C. Have you noticed exactly how difficult she works?D. Anna is always working tough at home.

16. Freewriting is an exercise in which you

A. recompose an article in a magazine or newspaper.B. compose just grammatically correct sentences.C. revise and polish an essay.D. write whatever your thoughts are in no certain order.

17. When utilizing direct quotations in your creating, which of the complying with must be put outside the set of quotation marks?

A. CommaB. Question markC. PeriodD. Semicolon

18. Which of the complying with words is many most likely to bring a connotation?

A. RunB. StandC. StrideD. Walk

19. When we speak of the flavor of a word, we’re talking about the added understood meanings that it carries in addition to its major definition. These extra interpretations are called

A. connotations.B. definitions.C. denotations.D. shadings.

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20. Which sentence ideal defines clustering?

A. You create down words or ideas in chronological order.B. You’re generating words that imply feasible themes for an essay.C. You’re generating words that suggest feasible sentences or paragraphs.D. You compose dvery own words or concepts that occur to you in no specific order.