To emphasize initiative and dedication to something, to some purpose or cause. "I would take a trip to the ends of the earth to (the purest diamond, the reddest rose) to prove my love". Stressing going to distant lands, or extensive initiatives to achieve something.Also seen; " I would go to the end of the world for you". It has the very same definition.

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milet - UsIf we cross this line, we wouldn"t have the ability to go backIf I could just say "I love you", would certainly the civilization change?I"d follow you and only you to the ends of the earth-- you recognize that, right?I desire you (I desire you currently, I want you now) if I told you just how I felt

Jacky Cheung - Only Want to Go with You in this LifeI cry silently,I really want to go with you all my life,Even to the ends of the earth, just how much changeMust tright here be in this life, constantly chasing the wind,

Josh Groban - Hymn around LoveMy love, bereason you love me.

I would certainly go to the ends of the earth,I would dye my hair blonde,

Aska Yang - Just One TimeJust once,I want to lug you to the ends of the earth,To have actually fun under the gold sun

Agustín Galiana - You're the just one I loveI saw the ends of the earthI saw the extremes of myselfLike a wandering shadowTo forobtain your skin, your voice

The Blue Hearts - Train TrainTRAIN TRAIN barrel forwardTRAIN TRAIN to the ends of the earthTRAIN TRAIN barrel forward

Super Junior - DorothyIf you can’t comeI’ll go to you insteadI’ll find you also to the ends of the earth

Sayuri - Parallel Linesparallel lines that sepaprice me into two

Without start, we will walk to the ends of the earth Without start, a story has carried about a miracle

Amazarashi - The Hudson RiverThe only thing that I’ve ever truly wanted wregarding check out that beautiful smile one more time.And if I could, I recognize that no matter how far, I would walk to the ends of the earth.Firefunctions burst over the Hudchild River. We met and parted means just beneath their gorgeous light.

Zaho - HelloAnd if my dreams loss throughHello, that is it? It"s ZahoExicaused the ends of the earth in solo

Amazarashi - Finish you offHey, so that you won"t ever cry aobtain,end up off the you who threa10s yourself.Run amethod with me. To the ends of the Earth.Our pursuer is the darkness. An escape without tomorrow.

Adele - Make You Feel My LoveI can make you happy, make your desires come trueNopoint that I wouldn"t doGo to the ends of the Earth for youTo make you feel my love

Zivert - PainlesslyGoodbye

I won"t go to the ends of the earth for youThis girl remained somewright here behind so

Radwimps - To the Ends of the Planet, To Love YouYou’re made out of only the points I lackSo isn’t there no way it can be wrong for me to want your everything?

Let’s have actually a chat around love—Let’s learn about the love rolling about out there

TXT (Tomorrow X Together) - 9 and Three QuartersRun away, run awayRun amethod with meTo the ends of the earth, forever togetherRun ameans baby, please give me an answer

Pu Shu - My FlowersLa la la.........You have actually been blvery own apartTo the ends of the earthThey have to be old by now

Jennifer Peña - Until the finish of timeI"d cross the seven seas until I got to you.

Until the end of timeto the ends of the earth" if you desire to readjust that out." href="#footnote1_kbkghcd" rel="nofollow">1, I"d follow you wherever you are, I"ll discover you

Alexander Bashlachev - Time of Little BellsLong we walked with heat and also frost,Endured it all and continued to be cost-free,We ate scurrently through birch-tree porridgeAnd prospered as tall as the bell-towers.




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