The comics TJ Jagodowski and Dave Pasquesi miraculously improvise a one-hour play at eexceptionally performance. This is an impressive feat of psychological athletics, but the outcomes are additionally observant, complex and generally enormously funny.

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- The New York Times

“BRILLIANT, HEARTBREAKING, MIND-BLOWING, INSPIRING! The best 50 minutes of improv comedy that we’ve ever before watched. But we wouldn’t want to insult their effusive skills by speaking so simplistically. Also, it’s funny. Drink their Kool-Aid.”

- Time Out New York

“TJ Jagodowski and Dave Pasquesi, 2 of the world’s best practitioners of the art of long-form improv, develop an hour lengthy one-act play. They’re both excellent actors and also have actually remarkable improv chops, however it’s constantly difficult to notification these kinds of things when you’re peeing your pants laughing.”

- Time Out Chicago

“The cumulative impact of their spontaneous storyinforming is breathtaking…Without-a-net derring-execute brand of theatre.”


Trust Us…the doc

TJ and also Dave walk out on phase without personalities, dialog or plot. An hour later on they leave an audience via among the funniest nights of their resides. Described by The New York Times as “Second City-seasoned masters of lengthy develop improv”, TJ Jagodowski and also David Pasquesi have come to be living legends in their area.

Exploring the trust that underlies their partnership and the forces that govern their improvisation, Trust Us, This is All Made Up is a portrait of two remarkably talented friends and features an unforgettable live performance taped at New York’s Barrowhead Street Theater.

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Awards and also Citations

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Del Cshed Award – Best Improvised Sjust how – 2003Del Cshed Award – Best Improvised Sexactly how – 2004

Chicearlier Short Comedy and also Video Film FestivalBest of the Festival “Must Like Magic” – 2006

Nightlife Awards New York – Best Unique Comedy Performance – 2006Nightlife Awards New York – Outstanding Unique Comedy Performance – 2007

Chicago Improv Festival – Improviser of the YearBoth T.J.

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Jagodowski and David Pasquesi – 2006

Chicearlier Reader – Best Improvised Sjust how – 2008

Midwest Independent Film Festival – Best Male Actor(s)Both T.J. Jagodowski and also David Pasquesi – 2016