I"m looking for a saying that describes that A and B aren"t much better or worse, they are simply various. More particularly, that a steustatiushistory.org means of doing points isn"t better or worse , but for me doing it the steustatiushistory.org means will certainly be worse, because I"ve been educated in such a various manner that it would be choose "trying to force a square via a circle".

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Trying to fit a square into a circle

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How about...


It would be like "trying to force a square with a circle". 「まるで、木に竹を接ぐようなものだ。」

Sources:英辞郎 "square peg in a round hole"故事ことわざ辞典「木に竹を接ぐ」


We have actually an establiburned saying, "丸を四角に言いくるめる," which deserve to be literally interpreted as "(attempt to) pursuade / convince sb. a circle as a square, and matches up your quote - "trying to pressure a square through a circle".

There are numerous variations to "丸を四角に言いくるめる," for examples, "カラスをサギと言いくるめる - insist on a crow as a white heron" and "白を黒と言い張る - firmly insist on white as babsence.

These expressions are used to an obstinate or dishocolony perchild and his / her actions, bereason he / she is pushing a wrong and also illogical assertion on others.

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We need a tag!I can"t think of a nice, vibrant Jp expression for < A and B aren"t much better or worse, they are ssuggest various.> -- prefer comparing apples and also ovarieties.



https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Square_peg_in_a_round_hole "Square peg in a round hole" is an idiomatic expression which explains the inexplicable individualist who can not fit into a niche of his or her culture.

As for an , I can"t think of a colorful Jp expression or proverb either.


maverick number 《a ~》 型破りな[わが道を行くタイプの]人物

異端児 一匹オオカミ 独立独行の、型破りの

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