a : the offering or supplying of something (such as money or time) as a part or share They"re collecting docountries for contribution to the scholarship money. The numerous sweets were donated by members of the area in contribution to the center"s midday Easter neighborhood meal, which will certainly serve about 800 guests, sassist Phillip Wilson, weekfinish facility technician at Charlotte Rescue Mission.— Brittany Penland

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b : the providing or providing of somepoint that plays a far-ranging part in making something take place Nurses are advised … to acexpertise each individual"s best to pick … the level of contribution that they may want to make to decisions about their treatment.— Beverley Bostock-Cox
a : somepoint (such as money or time) that is given or provided as a part or share his $100 contribution to the cancer research fund 401(k) contributions Give cash. Contributions of food and clothing do not have the instant impact that money does because they take longer to distribute. Some relief establishments might not have actually the staff or framework to execute that project well. — JDNews.com (Jacksonville, North Carolina) Throughout the 1930"s, Dr. Sebrell made many type of essential contributions to our understanding of the anemias and the role of diet in cirrhosis of the liver. — NIH.gov She desires to make a positive contribution to culture.
b : something that plays a far-ranging component in making somepoint occur her contribution to the team"s victory He added that Pakistan would certainly nonetheless attempt to limit its contribution to climate readjust troubles as the country developed economically.— Ricdifficult Monasterskies
c : somepoint (such as an article) that is gave for a publication … the new magazine, though publiburned largely in English, will print French contributions in the original, via English abstracts. — Quill and also Quire
3 : a payment (such as a levy or tax) implemented by military, civil, or ecclesiastical authorities normally for a distinct or extraordinary function

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contributive kən-​ˈtri-​byə-​tiv


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They thanked him for his contribution of time and also money. He made a critical contribution to the controversy. As mayor, he made many type of positive contributions to the growth of the city. a book of esclaims including contributions from a number of well-known political columnists The money was increased by voluntary contribution.

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Recent Examples on the Web The Purdue bankruptcy arrangement consists of a $4.5 billion contribution from Sackler household members. — NBC News, 1 Sep. 2021 Lasseter’s contribution confirmed the revelation Smith had had actually at NYIT—the magic of a movie had actually to come from human imagination, from storytelling. — Stalso Levy, Wired, 31 Aug. 2021 Yes, bereason, in reality, DevSecOps involves a significant social and also procedure shift, which requires a high contribution from carriers that will certainly inevitably run into obstacles while integrating security right into their CI/CD pipelines. — Nadya Knysh, Forbes, 31 Aug. 2021 This essay series explores Italy’s unique contribution to the rich inheritance of Western human being, providing a defense of the West’s political and also cultural accomplishments. — Joseph Loconte, National Review, 29 Aug. 2021 While the pandemic temporarily slowed the campaign, donations for the $8,700 headrock steadily rolled in, including a deal-sealing $5,500 contribution from Jaboy Miccolo Johnson, a Savannah State University professor and Jamerchild aficionaperform. — Brian Mccollum, Detroit Free Press, 28 Aug. 2021 Manhattan Boturbulent President Gale Brewer states House of Good Deeds provides a huge contribution yet that finding a free, irreversible new home is a tall order. — Hillary Chura, The Christian Science Monitor, 25 Aug. 2021 And in May, a witness told him that the president had negotiated a $2.6 million project contribution in exreadjust for maintaining government contracts, papers show. — New York Times, 24 Aug. 2021 Based on contribution levels for that regime, four service providers that market the new drugs contributed at least $2.9 million between 2012 and 2014. — John Fauber And Coulter Jones, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 23 Aug. 2021

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